Casa Concert Vr 19 Mei 20:30 "My Soul" by Biah Vasconcelos

19 Mei
Aanvang 20.30
Deur open 20.00
Tickets: Online € 12,50
Door: € 15,00

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A duo, bass and voice, in a concert that joins the roots of Braziliaan music and its rhythms, to the melodious African songs of Cabo Verde e Angola.

My soul
Her second album “My Soul” (2016), was produced and arranged by Luciano Vasconcelos, recorded in Lisbon, Portugal.
The work brings 05 unpublished copyright songs and 2 “reinterpretations” of the already established Balance (Sara Tavares) and Pop Zen (Alexandre Leão, Manuca Almeida and Lalado).

A Salute to Brazilian rhythms, seasoned with the passion for the world of African music and bold elements of World Music.

hot harmonics, drums, tambourines and sweet words fill up the new album titled “My Soul”.

Biah Vasconcelos
“For being Brazilian, the rhythmic diversity of my country is pulsating in me.
My music is free of concepts or styles. It’s just music for everyone!”

Brazilian singer/composer, born in Rio de Janeiro, where began her first studies in classical music in theory, piano and violin until adolescence when finally discovered that sang. Start in choir, bands and solo, no matter the style, it was just good music.

She worked for 10 years in big productions of cruises ships companies for numerous countries, share the stage with some artists like Nando Cordel and Tito Paris.

The “root” is “carioca”, she has the pulse of samba in memory, but, the long time living in northeastern of Brazil, brought strong rhythmic northern influences.

Biah Vasconcelos has two albuns:
“Tão Simples Assim” (2013) “My Soul” (2016)

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