Casa Kinderen zo 04 sept "Little Luthiers" by Susana Raya


11.15 (doors open at 11.00)
€5 pp (babies <1 jaar gratis)

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Toddlers love music! Peuters vinden music te gek!

Susana Raya, a conservatory graduated performing artist, prepare a very special music workshop for first Toddler Program after the Summer Holiday. Her vision is quite simple: bringing the joy of music to children. She teaches music, guitar and vocals regularly in Amsterdam.

Today: 45 minutes of high engaging multi sensory session for toddlers and their parents. We use the power of music for fostering different areas of development in the children. We build our own simple instrument, play, listen, dance and sing together. The most important: we have a lot of fun!!

music_activities_chidren_amsterdam_toddlers_1WHAT DO THEY GET?

  • A high engaging musical experience.
  • They’ll take their new instruments at home.
  • This activity enhances  problem solving, self-esteem and creativity.
  • By being part of a music group, children can break out of their social shell.

Susana Raya, graduated musician and perfoming artist, regular vocal an guitar teacher at Susana Studio, created the LITTLE LUTHIER program to engage her students in the magic of music.