Casa Concert za 16 jul "Modern Antiques" by Chora Genésio Quartet


16 juli
Aanvang 21.00
Deur open 20.30

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The group “Chora Genesio” is a Choro music quartet consisting of a cavaco (wooden instrument), transverse flute, clarinet and a 7-string guitar. It was founded in 2009 in the town of São João del Rei in the State of Minas Gerais. Since then, the group has been improving its arrangements and performance, fact which culminated, in 2015, into the recording of their first CD with the name of “Modern Antiques”.

During this trajectory, the group performed at various festivals, evenings and events, thus consolidating a partnership between its members which can be heard on the CD as well as during the live presentations.

The repertoire is quite versatile, containing one hundred year old as well as contemporary compositions all arranged by the group itself.

The CD “Modern Antiques” consists of 10 Choros and is divided into two parts: 5 ancient compositions, which are already in public domain; and 5 Choros of contemporary composers, who kindly granted the right of recording. Representing the roots we have: the unique but marking music “Flor Amorosa” by Joaquim Antonio da Silva Callado {1848-1880), which is symbolically remembered as the first composition ever made of this type of music, “Nao me Toques” by Zequinha de Abreu {1880-1935), composer of “Tico tico no fuba”, one of the most well-known pieces of music of this kind. Still in this pre­Pixi ngu in ha-phase, the CD also counts with two compositions of the virtuoso composer and pianist Ernesto Nazareth {1863-1934), which are “Apanhei-te Cavaquinho” and “Tenebroso”, both originally composed for the piano. And, finally, “Lua Branca” by Chiquinha Gonzaga {1847-1935), equally a piece of music composed for the piano but always present in the Choro circles. As far as the contemporary compositions are concerned, we have: “Chorinho pra ele” by Hermeto Pascoal, a Choro which has already been well spread among the Choro-players, “Hospitalidade em Belo Horizonte” by Ian Guest, music composed while he was waiting to be attended at a hospital in the capital of Minas Gerais, “Garoto Dominguinhos” by Gilvan de Oliveira, a Choro composed for the musician Dominguinhos, who participated in the first recording of this piece of music, “Quase Dia” by Humberto Junqueira and Marcelo Chiaretti, a Choro with strong Chamber Music characteristics. And finally, the “Choro da Serra” by Paulo Freitas, composition inspired by the famous “Serra da Mantiqueira” {Mantiquera mountain), which lies at the boundary of the States of Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Rio Janeiro. It is worth remembering that all these contemporary composers are at the same time active musicians.

Since we believe that there are remanents of the ancient man in the new man, “Chora Genesio” uses a piece of work which lies at the border of the ancient and the new, positioning itself as an interface piece of work. With this CD the group invites the public to experience somewhat the timelessness of this type of music called Choro, and it also puts the public to think about the valorization and the appreciation of our rich Brazilian culture.

BILL Davison
Flutist, formed in transverse flute at the Music School of Brasilia (EMB) and the State University of Sao Joao del Rei (UFSJ). He participated in festivals such as the 10th International ABRAF (Brazilian Association of Flutists), in Campinas (2010), the 1st International Movement of Music in Uberlandia (2011) and the 1st Choro Encounter in Campinas (2015). Studied at the Open University of Popular Music “Bituca11 in Barbacena. He took lessons with musicians such as: Toninho Guimaraes, Ian Guest, Mauro Rodrigues, Ariadne Paixao and Ton in ho Carrasqueira.

Marcio Luiz 7-strings
Guitarist, formed in classical guitar at the State Conservatory “Padre Jose Maria Xavier” in Sao Joao del Rei and in popular guitar at the Open University “Bituca” in Barbacena. Winner of the Prize “Young Instrumentalists BDMG” (2013). Participated in various masterclasses during which he took lessons with famous names in music such as Tabajara Belo, Gilvan de Oliveira and Ian Guest.

Pablo Araújo
Cavaquinist, produced soundtracks for the theatre and the cinema. Participated in the 1st Choro Encounter in Campinas (2015) and in the 36th International Summer Course in Brasília (CIVEBRA), where he took lessons with the Cavaquinist Jayme Vignolli. He participated in workshops with the group “Uakti” and the musician Juarez Moreira.

Alice Carvalho – clarinetist, studied at the Federal University of São João del Rei (UFSJ) and the Free University of Música Popular Bituca. She participated at the Choro Meeting of Campinas (2015) and also she participated in master classes with musicians like Paquito D’Rivera, Nailor Test Tube and Pedro Paes.