Casa Symposium za 21 nov 2015 Parent & Teacher Symposium ism ERIF


20 November 2015
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This “Parent/Teacher” event would be hosted on the 21st November (in order to coincide with Universal Children’s Day) a collaboration project between ERIF (the European Race & Imagery Foundation – Stichting Antiracistische Beeldvorming Europa), the based in Lagos EVCL TV and Teatro Munganga. Different speakers will share their experiences dealing with racist imagery that is argeted at children, such as television shows, books, toys and food packaging.

The event will take place between the Sinterklaas intocht and the Sinterklaas festival in the Netherlands and Belgium, which is a particularly relevant time of year for parents, teachers, children and racist imagery. ERIF will encourage its Returning the Gaze (2014) collaborators to host similar events across Europe in order to fully acknowledge the wide-spread continental issue of protecting children from harmful and offensive material by standing in solidarity on the same day. This event will contribute towards ERIF’s ongoing network growth through shared experiences of racism and counter-action.

The event aims to establish strategies for parents and teachers to deal with racist imagery aimed at children.We will share ideas for solutions, alternatives and petitions / campaigns, with an emphasis on success stories that will inspire and motivate other people who feel lost or overwhelmed.


9:45 – Doors open

10:00 – Welcome and Introduction by ERIF

10:10 – Screening of Bino & Fino

10:20 – Q&A Session with co-founder and creative director behind Bino & Fino, Adamu Waziri

11:00 – “Show me… ACCEPTANCE!” drama workshop with actress, writer and educator, Anni Domingo

This workshop will by guided by veteran actress Anni Domingo help participants to learn how to communicate with each other in order to “build” a picture of acceptance. Wear comfortable clothes and prepare to express yourself! 

11:55 – “Sint You Want: 21st century Sint & Piet” pop-up/drawing table with artist, activist and educator, G. Holwerda

Prof. Holwerda will lead parents, teachers and kids (3-12 years) to “redraw” and create their own new “Piet” and/or “Sint” characters. These “Piet” and “Sint” drawings will also be turned into “pop-ups”.

12:50 – Closing remarks, resources and farewells by ERIF.

NB: This event is targeted towards parents and teachers of children at primary school age only. If you intend to bring children with you for the event or have any questions about your registration, please email ERIF directly at  

in order to make your application for ERIF’s Parent Teacher Symposium follow this link.