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02 oktober 2015
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Bossa Nova Baby
With over a year of consecutive sold out concerts around Australia, Brazilian Singer Juliana Areias, launches album worldwide and announces her premiere performances in Amsterdam and London.

“The release of Bossa Nova Baby has elevated her above a mere covers singer or bossa specialist. The singer excels in an elegant co-composed duet (Belas Artes) with Australia’s finest Brazilian-oriented 7-string guitarist, Doug de Vries”. – The Australian – Tony Hillier

“ Bossa Nova Baby” is a welcome surprise of good Brazilian music, made far away. It’s bossa that plays soccer with jazz – like it has since the 60’s – and scoring a goal.” – O Globo – Brazil – Antonio Carlos Miguel – judge member of the Latin Grammy Award

Nova Baby is her nickname. And now also the title of her first original album.

After the “Bossa Nova Baby” album’s sold-out launch concert (7/2), its presentation at the Perth International Jazz Festival (31/5), concerts at the Sydney Opera House on the 8th of September, as part of the official celebration of 70 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and Brazil, at Foundry 616 on the 9th of September, Juliana Areias plays her very first performances in Amsterdam – Munganga Theatre on the 2nd of October and in London – Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on the 8th of October. In Amsterdam, The “Bossa Nova Baby Quartet” are: Juliana Areias – vocal, Jura Gomes – bass, Daniel Moraes – guitar and Enrique Firpi, drums.

Here & Now
“The Album “Bossa Nova Baby” reflects the present, here-and-now, as well as the richness of the whole spectrum of Brazilian music with its multiple influences. When Juliana was a teenager she was introduced personally to the Bossa Nova movement’s founders by the legendary Brazilian Music historian Ruy Castro – who also named her “The Bossa Nova Baby”. This direct exposure to the musicians at the source of Bossa Nova inspired her to become a professional singer and song-writer. It seems that the choice has paid off, as Juliana was recently compared to the iconic Bossa Nova singer Bebel Gilberto by Brazil’s acclaimed EPOCA Magazine and by the critics of The Australian Newspaper.

12 original songs
The CD Bossa Nova Baby is a selection of twelve original songs which were composed by Juliana Areias all around the globe and recorded in Perth with some of the most highly-regarded musicians in Australia. The Album has been receiving regular air-play on Australian radio stations such as ABC Jazz, SBS, RTR FM as well as stations in Brazil, Europe, and the USA. The production of the album was supported by The Department of the Culture and the Arts of the Government of Western Australia and by a very successful worldwide crowd-funding campaign.

Contemporary dialogue
During her European Tour, Juliana will have the pleasure of sharing the stage with great local musicians such as: bassist Jura Gomes, guitarist Daniel Moraes and drummer Enrique Firpi in Amsterdam and guitarist Carlos Franco and pianist Carl Hudson in London.
On stage, they will create a contemporary dialogue between bossa, samba, jazz, tango, choro, pop and funk through originals songs like “Night in Takapuna”, “Maré Cheia” (Full Tide) and “Meu Lugar” (My Place), Flecha (Arrow) as well as presenting exclusive arrangements for classics such as “The Girl from Ipanema” and “Lavadeira do Rio”.

Juliana Areias lived for many years in Europe (Switzerland) and New Zealand prior to moving to Australia. Her career includes performances at major international festivals such as the revered Montreux Jazz Festival, Auckland Festival, and America’s Cup (NZ). Recent performances include, The Ellington Jazz Club, 505 in Sydney, The Kings Park Festival, The Perth International Jazz Festival, New York’s exhibition “Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond” at The Art Gallery of Western Australia, and Ritmo Festival at The Darling Harbour, where she sang for a crowd of over 30.000 people.

The Bossa Nova Baby Album is available now worldwide via , Itunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify, Rdio and Soundcloud .
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