Casa Concert ma 14 sept 2015 "Tengo Pa'l Truco" from Buenos Aires


14 september 2015
Aanvang 21.00 uur
Deur open 20:00


Tengo pa’l Truco
Tengo pal Truco was born in 2008 in Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It consists in four music teachers, Damián Balarino: piano and composition. Luis Hopúa: keyboards, accordion and composition, Gonzalo Villalba: bandoneon, guitar, bass, composition and voice, Carlos Passeggi: drums, percussion composition and voice.

2 CD’s
Tengo pa’l Truco has recorded two CDs: “Tengo pal Truco” (2009) and “Son Buenas” (2013) with their own arrangements of compositions by Astor Piazzolla, Julían Plaza, Anibal Troilo (Tango) Eduardo Falu, Jaime Davalos, Daniel Sanchez (Folklore) among others, in addition with members’ own works.
In “Son Buenas” they had the honor to record “Tonada de Otoño” with Cecilia Todd (popular Venezuelan singer) and “De Pérdidas y Reencuentros” based on Jorge Luis Borges` poem, with Amelita Baltar (the preferred voice of Astor Piazzolla).

Prestigious stages
The quartet has performed in the most prestigious stages in Buenos Aires and all Argentina. They has also made ​​successful international tours: 2011 Venezuela (PDVSA LA Estancia, La Casa del Artista, Plaza de los Museos, etc.) Holland 2014 (Zivo, international, folkloric music and dance festival, ODOORN) Belgium 2014 (Wereld Dans Music Festival, Edegem), this last two with Ballet Argentino Malambo (Argentine Tango and Folkloric dance company).
Since 2012 they are permanent members of the Independent Musicians Association “Sonamos Latinoamerica” with creation links and exchange, as well as concerts and festivals with artists from Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Spain.
Some of his recordings have been used to rock radio and TV stations in Argentina and Latin America.

From classical Tango till New Tango
This quartet, mainly concerned with Argentine music interpretation, is planning its second European tour, with dates available for Belgium, Holland,  Spain and France, for August and September, 2015.
It’s repertoire ranges from classical Argentine Tango and Folkloric compositions to works of “New Tango” (Astor Piazzolla) or folkloric roots contemporary pieces and own compositions by the group in which these genres are fused with jazz, chamber music and other Latin American styles.

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