zo 10 sept 16:00 – Klassieke op zondag middag "Alberti String Quartet"


10 sept
Aanvang 16:00
Deur open 15.00
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Alberti String Quartet
This chamber music group rises from the connection between North and South of Spain, being its point of convergence the Ducth musical scene, where all the members of this quartet met for the first time.
Alberti String Quartet is a mixture of diverse backgrounds like jazz, pop, historical performance, folk or Alexander technique, being classical music its starting point as well as the base of its academic training.

Rafael Alberti was a Spanish poet, member of the Generation of ‘27 (like Federico García Lorca, Luis Cernuda or Miguel Hernández), and was considered one of the main figures of the Silver Age of Spanish Literature. Because of his Marxist thoughts, was forced into the exile during the Spanish Civil War. From France, and after the War, from Argentina, he became one of the main poetic voices of the left. He came back to Spain in 1977, after the death of the dictator Franco.
He lived 96 years, being always active in the Spanish Comunist Party, and introducing into his work a very critical view of the political situation. However, one of the main themes of Alberti’s poetry is based in the populism and traditionalism.
One of the most famous books of poems within this style was Marinero en Tierra, 1924 (Sailor on dry land), where he talks about the melancholy and the sea:


The common interest of the members of Alberti and their cultural roots take them to make a special submergence into the Spanish repertoire for string quartet: Arriaga, Toldrá, Turina Bretón or Monsalvatge are some of the composers that inspired Gaudí to let the Dutch audience taste the Spanish flavour. For this particular occasion, Gaudí brings the public closer to the classical music masterpieces of different historical periods.

Alberti String Quartet is:
Angela Moya Domínguez – Viool
Célia Torres Ruiz – Cello
Eduard Marcet – Viool
Gabriel Hernandez Dionis – Altiviool

Eerste deel

  • Mozart: Eine Kleine Natchmusik (4 delen)
  • Kreisler: Liebeslied, Liebesfreud, Schön Rosmarin.

Tweede deel

  • Strauss: Blue Danube.
  • Tchaikovsky: Flower’s Waltz.
  • Dvorak: Humoresque.
  • Grieg: Morgenstimmung.
  • Elgar: Salut D’ Amour.
  • Massenet: Thais’ Meditation.
  • Saint-Saens: The swan.