Casa Concert za 01 aug 2015 "RumboTumba" Facundo Salgado


01 augustus 2015
Aanvang 21.00 uur
Deur open 20:00

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This is the project of instrumental music by the argentine Facundo Salgado, who, with his Live Looping Set, fuses natives rhythms from different Parts of South America, mainly Andean music, with beats that flirt with both cumbia and sounds of the jungle as with purely urban rhythms, such as Hip Hop or Electronic Music. Natives and digital instruments are executed, recorded and mixed in real time, creating an atmosphere of long flight and movement that invites dancing, where tradition and modernity complement.

Wind instruments
Strong Bass Grooves , synthesizers and drum machines, live with the bewitched sound of the charango and wind instruments characteristic of the Andes region. Mountain and city, soil and asphalt, wood and electricity, merge to give place to their music.Facundo-Green

One of the two best
Since its inception in early 2012 RumboTumba made 4 international tours through Brazil,
Uruguay and Chile, has performed in several provinces of Argentina and at renowned venues and festivals in the City of Buenos Aires (ND Ateneo – Ciudad Cultural Konex – Festival Conectar ). In 2012 was elected as one of the two best loop projects of Argentina, in the ROLAND-BOSS “Loop Station World Championship” and in 2013 as a finalist in “The Biennale for Young Art Buenos Aires 2013/2014”. Has 2 EP edited independently, “GROOVE ANDINA” (2012) and “CABLE TIERRA” (2015).