Vr 08 Juni, 20:30 ‘What if the Moon bites back’ – Farah Day Electro Soul Jazz


08 Juni
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00

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‘What if the Moon bites back’

Farah Day – zang/fluit
Lode de Roos – keyboard/melodica
Wolf Martini – gitaar
George Pelupessy – percussie

stories are told, journeys are taken, life unveiled but mysteries remain…

‘Transformation’ is the name of the latest album of Farah Day. The process of changes in personal development and evolution is expressed in music and poetic lyrics.

The musical connection with musician/producer Lode de Roos brings not only music, they look for more media possibility’s to express. Working with video and Vj images sometimes during the show makes the experience of the sound and lyrics more intense. George Pelupessy brings the glue with his mystic world of percussion, and  the colorful voice of Farah Day blends on top of the music dancing around beautiful chords and soundscapes from lode de Roos and the guitar sound of Wolf Martini.

The musical journey goes on and a new album ‘What if the Moon bites back’ is on its way. If we could stand on the moon do we then realise how beautiful planet Earth is? and how small we are in this big Universe? if everybody could have a trip to the moon would that changes us?

All we need is more Soul food, Farah Day 2017