Vr 07 Sept, 20:30 Magma Quartet


07 Sept 2018
Aanvang: 20:30
Deuren open: 20:00
Online: €12,50
Aan de deur: €15,00

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Magma Quartet proposes new combinations, formulas, musical colors and flavors.

The group was established in 2017 by musicians interested in expanding the original range of repertoire of their instruments. The fusion of the Oud, Fretless Guitar, Seven String Guitar (Juliano Abramovay) with Bansuri (Ivan Vendemiatti), Tabla (Tarang Poddar) and Congas/Pandeiro/Zabumba (Saulo Bortoloso) creates fresh arrangements of instrumental tunes and invites the Quartet to perform their original compositions with rich possibilities of rhythm, harmony and melody.

Magma is the core of the Earth, the Sun inside our planet, the place where everything meet and melt. It’s the vital energy that is in constant motion and expansion, eventually overflowing to the surface and, by doing so, creating new territories.

The repertoire of Magma Quartet presents original compositions by Ivan Vendemiatti and Juliano Abramovay and pieces by Egberto Gismonti, Sivuca, Heraldo do Monte, Edmilson do Pife, Egildo Vieira and Guinga. It also brings influences and nuances from Turkish and Indian and music to the grooves from these traditions.


Tempo in Vento (Ivan Vendemiatti) https://bit.ly/2IDS0QA

Por Trás de Bras de Pina (Guinga) https://bit.ly/2GzpoG5