Sun 08 May, 11:00 – Mozambican music and dance for children and family


11.00 (doors open at 10.45)
€7,50 pp (babies <1 jaar gratis)
Maximum capacity: 50 people!
Maximale capaciteit: 50 personen!

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Powerful rhythms, songs and joyful dances by Vintani and Suma are sure to delight the whole family, especially the little ones!

Vintani Nafassi  is a percussionist, composer and professional dancer from Mozambique. His main focus is African traditional music and dance. He has taught music and dance as well as performed in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Brazil, China and Reunion Island. He was a professional dancer and musician for 10 years in the National Dance and Song Company of Mozambique. Currently he works as a choreographer, musician, song writer and composer, and as a teacher of traditional songs, drums and dance at the African Music Department of the University of Cape Town. 

Sumalgy Nuro is  a Mozambican Maputo-based urban musician and dancer with a strong  background in traditional African arts who has embraced contemporary  music and dance through music-dance studies at MoNo Pedagogical  University (Maputo, 2013-2014) Kulturskolen Frederikstadt  (Norway,  2014) and postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town (South  Africa, 2019 – 2021).  His interest is in the integration of music and  dance in multi-media works in which real time music and dance  composition forms the basis for a practice in which visual and audio  elements are seen as part of a continuum rather than kept in separate  boxes. His first love, African traditional music and dance, is the prism  for these varied explorations inspired by the old, but aspiring for the  new.