Su 13 March, 16:00 – Baden Powell Tribute, by Vitor Garbelotto


13 March 2022
Starts: 16:00
Doors: 15:30

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Baden Powell Tribute is a homage to the great Brazilian guitarist. The concert is an encounter with his influences, his partners and works, inspired by his history. It is an invitation to the universe of Brazilian musicality, either through its characteristics rythms or through the musicality present in its words and songs. Conceived by the guitarist Vitor Garbelotto, this concert counts also on the short participation of the actress and storyteller Camila Nobre, giving body and voice to this Brazilian poetry.

Vitor Garbelotto
Emerging figure of the new generation of Brazilian guitarists, the guitarist, composer and arranger Vitor Garbelotto has built a solid international career over the last ten years. Residing in France since 2016 and with three recorded albums, Garbelotto shares his passion for his country’s music by performing in the most diverse scenarios, from private concerts to big festivals in countries like France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy.

Whether it is for the rhythmic characteristic or for the warm virtuosity that transports us to the radiant sun of his country, Garbelotto, his guitar and his voice are the bridge that leads to a rich experience in the Brazilian cultural universe.

Camila Nobre
Brazilian actress, storyteller and researcher of Performance Studies, Camila Nobre has in her professional career several experiences that cover the theatrical, literary and musical universe. In 2016, she began a partnership with the guitarist Vitor Garbelotto, dedicating herself to creations that explore the richness of Brazilian cultural expressions.