Za 30 Juni, 20:30 ‘Sounds from All Of the World’ – by Nomadic Treasures


30 Juni
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00
At the door: €12,50

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Nomadic Treasures’ collective sound is the result of years of traveling and combines sounds from all over the world, from Western classical music and American jazz to Jewish and traditional folk music from North Africa.

Internationally renowned pianist Avi Darash composes the music, which singer Nadia Basurto dresses with her strong and clear voice.  Together they bring about songs full of ritual rhythms and pure emotions. The quartet is completed by the artistry of bassist Daniele Cappucci and drummer Joan Terol Amigó. The four musicians have built up a reputation in their touring years and are praised in the jazz world and the music circuit. Lyrics have been created by the artist and singer Irini Konstantinidi.

The term ‘nomad’ refers to a man without a land, the wandering man who collects experiences and musical treasures along the way.
Nomadic Treasures’ songs abou love, joy, nostalgia, peacefulness and hope speak straight to the heart with honesty. Each one of their live performances is a praise to life and human divinity.

Vocals / Nadia Basurto
Piano, Compositions / Avishai Darash
Double Bass / Daniele Cappucci
Drums / Joan Terol Amigó