Saturday, 02 July, 20:00 – Duo Camaradá


02 July 2022
Starts: 20:00
Door open: 19:30
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The Duo Camaradá brings in its formation the two most popular Brazilian instruments. Formed in 2005 by Iê dos Santos (pandeiro) and Vitor Garbelotto (guitar), the duo explores all their creative potential, combining intensity and lightness; rigor and freedom; virtuosity and simplicity. Involving the audience in a surprising sound experience, the Duo breaks the conventional barriers of each instrument through new arrangements, where the pandeiro sings and the guitar sounds like percussion.
Each performance of Duo Camaradá is an invitation to a trip through a Brazil with his colors and vivid landscapes.

Vitor Garbelotto
Guitarist, composer, arranger and poet, Vitor Garbelotto is an emerging figure in contemporary Brazilian guitar, he has dual formation in classical and popular music, which allows him to move fluidly from one universe to the other with great intimacy with his instrument. With several recorded albums, and many prizes, Garbelotto has built a solid international career. A guitar virtuoso, his versatility allows him to participate in a wide variety of projects. Whether it is Brazilian music, classical music, jazz, French songs or even theater, Garbelotto and his guitar form the bridge to a rich experience in the Brazilian cultural universe.

Iê dos Santos
Professional musician since 2002, Iê dos Santos plays the pandeiro as his main instrument since the beginning of his career. In 2004 he invented the XPandeiro, a revolutionary mechanism that allows to stop the sound of the pandeiro’s cymbals. In 2005 after meeting the guitarist Vitor Garbelotto, they created the “Duo Camaradá”, duo that explores all the potenciality of the pandeiro and the guitar.
In 2008 he published the first book of studies and compositions written for pandeiro. He taught for 3 years in the Choro School of the Faculty of Arts of Paraná and he gave masterclasses in several cities of Brazil. In the same year he joined the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Popular Brazilian Music of the city of Curitiba (BR) where he worked for 6 years and recorded several albums and dvd’s with musicians such as Joyce, André Mehmari, Gabrielle Mirabassi, Arrigo Barnabé, among others.

In 2019 he made his first European tour playing with the Duo Camaradá and giving pandeiro’s masterclasses in several cities of France, Holland and Belgium.

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