Sat 25 March 2023, 20:00 – The Brazilian Maxixe Quartet Project


25 March 2023
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The Brazilian Maxixe Project  (BMP) is a dynamic and lively quartet that consists of Julio Lemos on the 7-string guitar from Brazil, Philip Kukulies on percussion from Germany, Geo del Valle on trumpet from Mexico, and Gabriel Rosario on the Brazilian mandolin.

Each member brings their own cultural perspective and musical experience to the group. Together they collaborate to create a fresh and dynamic sound. Julio Lemos brings his expertise on Brazilian guitar styles to the group and incorporates the rhythms and melodies of his home into their music. Philip Kukulies provides a driving beat on percussion. While Geo del Valle adds a lively and energetic note with his soaring trumpet solos. Gabriel Rosario adds another layer of tonal colors and rhythms with his Brazilian mandolin.

Together, the four musicians create a dynamic and captivating performance that is sure to enthrall the audience. Whether playing original compositions or arrangements of traditional Brazilian songs, the BMP always delivers an energetic and passionate show. If you are a fan of Brazilian music, you should not miss the opportunity to experience the Brazilian Maxixe Project live in action!

Julio Lemos
Julio Lemos is a professor of music at the Federal University of Goiás (UFG) and holds a bachelor’s and masters in guitar from UFG. He is now pursuing a doctorate at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro under Marcia Taborda and at San Francisco State University with Dr. John Calloway.

Julio Lemos has also performed and given workshops in Brazil and abroad, including concerts in South América, Europe, the United States and China.
Lemos is a member of the group Brasil in Trio which recorded their first album in 2014. In 2016 their first DVD was recorded with special guests Marco Pereira (guitar) and Gabriel Grossi (Harmonica).

In 2019, he launched his first solo album: “Julio Lemos – Brasil Acústico”, which consists of his own compositions and the second CD album from Brasil in Trio, with special guest Carlos Malta, Jarbas Cavendish, and Arismar do Espirito Santo, covering the compositions of Jarbas Cavendish.

He has also offered choro and samba workshops in Brazilian seven string guitar both abroad and in Brazil. Since 2017 he has been a judge at the official São Paulo carnaval parade in the category of Samba Enredo.

Gaberiel Rosario
Gabriel Rosario began his journey in music through the mandolin, where he began to understand the music and create relationships with the instrument. The initial melodies and the focus of study was an exploration of the universe of choro and samba, where the mandolin plays a prominent role in the main melodies and solos. After the first steps began an unceasing search for the paths that would lead to the north of Brazil. Percussion became a fundamental element in the construction of the overall sound. As he says himself, “I am a frustrated percussionist, I am trying to bring the percussion into the mandolin”. The experience with the core of Bahia’s percussionists has made Rosário an artist present in more than one creative sphere, sometimes playing percussively, sometimes playing singing melodies, sometimes harmonizing in unconventional ways. During his career he has played with Gabriel Grossi, Gabriele Mirabassi, in the K Rio K project in France in Montreux.

Together with Gian Correia, Messias Britto and Rafael Toledo, he recorded the album Aeromosca, with the participation of Armandinho Macedo and Yamandú Costa, available on all digital platforms. The group was an important milestone in the musician’s life, because here he found access to a new way of playing, with more improvisation and influences from other styles.He won second place in a jazz competition in France, the Concours Leopold Bellan, which was recorded on video. Recently began a collaboration with Mariene de Castro.
He produced and arranged two tracks for the artist, who is known in the music scene of Bahia, Brazil and around the world. One already released called Purificação (as pictured below) and the other will not be released until 2023. He participated in a jazz competition in Paris. Recently recorded an EP with 4 new songs that will be released in 2023 with original compositions and a new arrangement with the participation of Roberto Mendes (@robertocaribemendes) (who has great importance in the music scene of Bahia and Brazil).

Phillip Kukulies
Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, percussionist Philip Kukulies had his first contact with drums at the age of 6 through his father Thomas Kukulies, percussionist and founder of the band “Salsa Picante”.
He studied with various drummers/percussionists such as Yeismel Grandal, Betún Valdes, Tomas “el Panga” Ramos, Nils Fischer, Adel González, Juan Carlos “el Peje” Rojas, Udo Demandt, Iuri Passos and others. He specializes in Latin Percussion and received his Bachelor of Music (Cum Laude) from the Conservatory of Music Codarts in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) in 2019.

During his studies, he was awarded the Holland Scholarship and completed an exchange to Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) for six months. In his professional career, the musical activity of the last years is outstanding, in which he had countless presentations with different groups such as Salsa Picante, Colektivo, Codaku, Son de Aquí, Leonardo Prieto Ensemble, Vientos del Sur and Los Pipos. In 2022, Philip went on a multi-week tour to Mexico with the groups Leonardo Prieto Ensemble and Son De Aquí, performing concerts throughout the country. In addition, the percussionist has already collaborated with the world-renowned choreographer Jean Sasportes in the dance project “Scenes from Chaos”. Philip has performed at renowned international festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, Dürener Jazzfestival, Afro Latino Festival (Belgium), Zwarte Cross (Netherlands), Días Latinos (Netherlands) Düsseldorf Festival!, De Doelen Rotterdam, Biblioteca Vasconcelos (Mexico City), Los Pinos(Mexico City). 

Geo del Valle
The Mexican trumpet player Geo del Valle began his music studies at the age of 8 under the guidance of his father (trombonist). Before completing his studies at the FAM – UNAM (Mexico), he was accepted at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Germany) in order to finish his studies.

Geo plays different styles of music and works as a freelancer in Germany and Europe.
He has experience playing in different orchestras such as: Orquesta del teatro de Bellas Artes, OFUNAM, Klassische Philharmonie Bonn,Kammerphilharmonie Rhein-Erft.
He has also accompanied popular music singers such as Lila Downs and Kike Neira. In the course of his musical career he played on various stages such as Berlin Konzerthaus, Jazz Schmiede, North Sea Jazz Festival, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Düsseldorf Festival, Auditorio Nacional, Kölner Philharmonie and many others.
He plays currently with the “Neue Rheinische Kammer Orchester”, is trumpet teacher at the Musikschule Düren (Germany) and leads trumpet improvement courses in Mexico.
Geo is trumpet player of the Latin jazz ensemble “Los Pipos” with which he recorded their first studio CD “HILOS”.
Perseverance is a key quality that he uses for his growth, which inspires him every day to keep moving forward and share his music.