Sat 17 Dez 2022, 20:00 – Alô Mamãe (Hello Mom)! – Performance by Tom Pacheco & Diego Oliveira


17 December 2022
Starts: 20:00
Doors: 19:30

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Alô Mamãe (‘Hello Mom’ )
‘What price do you pay for immigrating from your country? What are your biggest fears and difficulties? What do you feel grateful for?

Fear, homesickness, desires, losses.
These and other sensations will be shown by Tom and Diego who are sharing their immigration experiences on Saturday 17th of December at Munganga.

The performance takes place in Tom’s bedroom where he goes through repetitive cycles and reveals small details of a quasi-chronological time.

They both tell their stories in a magical-realistic, theatrical, yet pure way going through remarkable episodes until current times. Besides the usual challenges of climate, language and other cultural shocks this piece exposes Tom’s biggest fear, which is a fear that everyone can relate.

*This show has an element of auto-translation included in the text of the performers what facilitates for Portuguese speakers and English speakers to follow it.

Tom Pacheco
Tom is a Brazilian immigrant who moved to Amsterdam in the summer of 2011, leaving his entire family and his acting career on the brazilian TV to work as a cleaner in Amsterdam. He passed illegally through several houses, experiencing problems from basic to extremes and living troubled relationships. It was an adventurous turning point with the worst and best experiences of his life. Mostly Isolated in his world, with a few friends and full of dreams to change his life.
Today 2022 Tom has returned to work in his profession, he has his entertainment company where he plays Captain Jack Sparrow, and acts as an actor for Dutch agencies.

Diego Oliveira
Diego is also a Brazilian immigrant who arrived in Amsterdam around the same time as Tom. He’s a performing artist who also had to start his life from the zero again, going through similar experiences to Tom.
Today he works as a performer, choreographer and dance teacher.

After many years of friendship this is the first direct collaboration of Tom and Diego and above all they would like to hold space for us to experience the poetics of two people who will the see the light in the end of the tunnel. Giving up is not an option.

Alô Mamãe’
‘Dois jovens imigrantes mostram suas experiencias de vida e a esperanca em encontrar  luz no fim do túnel.  Onde desistir não e uma opção’
Tom é um imigrante Brasileiro que se mudou para Amsterdam no verão de 2011, deixando sua família e sua carreira de ator na Televisão para trabalhar com limpeza em Amsterdam.  Uma aventura que mudou sua vida.
Hoje Tom voltou a trabalhar na sua profissão, tem sua empresa de eventos e atua como ator para diferentes agencias Holandesas.
Diego também um imigrante Brasileiro, chegou 3 anos depois de Tom. Dancarino profissional, peformer, reiniciou tudo do zero, passando por experiências parecidas a do Tom. Hoje atua como Dancarino e professor de dança.
Uma performance autobiografica.