Sat 03 Sept, 20:00 – Brazil Jazz, by Dami Andres & Marcia Bittencourt Duet


03 September 2022
Start: 20:00
Doors: 19:30

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The fast fingers of Dami Andres (Winner of the Rio de Janeiro Festival) slide along the 8 strings of his guitar and the soft voice and strong interpretation of the Carioca singer and actress Marcia Bittencourt brings Brazilian poetry to the moment. Discover the passion for this music in a few presentations throughout Europe.

Dami Andres
6 and 8 strings guitarist, Dami is a composer and arranger with many copyrighted songs in tune with the Brazilian music universe. He studied guitar in Argentine, Cuba and Brazil. Dami has graduated in Music by the “Conservatory of the City of Buenos Aires”.

He played with several national and international artists. As a soloist, he has performed in several countries in Europe and Latin America. Brazil, Argentine, Cuban, Chile, France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal.
In 2017 he won the Composition Contest of MEC Radio Festival of Rio de Janeiro, with the guitar solo piece “Saudade do Sul”.
Dami Brasil-Argentina has an authorial and versatile repertoire that goes through the history of Brazilian and South American Popular Music, passing through Bossa Nova, Samba, Chorinho, Tango, Chacarera, South American and Central American rhythms.
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Marcia Bittencourt
She financed her studies of the performing arts with roles in classical theatre, with advertising clips and on the catwalk.
In Europe she was a member of the avant-garde ensemble „Commedia Futura“ for the first years, and now she can be seen as the front woman of various music projects.
Marcia Bittencourt presents the whole magic of Brazilian music in a powerful and charming way.
Her own actual program ‘Anjo fugaz’ is a deep bow to the rich traditions of Brazil’s best music.
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