Sat 01 Oct, 20:00 – Influence of Jazz, by Duo Dami Andrés & Edgar Duvivier – European Tour


01 October 2022
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Brazilian saxophonist Edgar Duvivier accompanied by Argentine guitarist Dami Andrés offers on his next European tour “Influence of Jazz” a representative sample of the best Brazilian and Latin American music.

We cannot talk about music, whether classical or popular, without thinking about the immense influence of jazz on society and the other musical styles that resulted from it. Jazz emerged in the early 20th century, when the lament songs of slaves working in the cotton fields met the sounds of European instruments. From this mixture will be born a series of new rhythms and musical evolutions all over the world.

From jazz came Blues, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Swing, Rap and much more.

In the Brazil of Tom Jobim, Baden Powell and Carlos Lyra, the marriage of jazz and samba gives rise to bossa-nova and samba-jazz. On the banks of the Rio de la Plata, it was also jazz that allowed Piazzolla to modernize Argentine tango and create a new one.
Edgar Duvivier and Dami Andrés will testify to this during their tour: there is no world-renowned music that is not influenced by jazz. Thus, you will hear Tango, Swing, Samba, Bossa-nova, Afro-Samba and Bolero. Tom Jobim, Baden Powell, Carlos Lyra, Gilberto Gil, Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolin, Consuelo Velasquez or Piazzolla but in all of this you will hear Jazz. And as Louis Armstrong whispered to us, beyond the music you will hear life.

Dami Andres
6 and 8 strings guitarist, Dami is a composer and arranger with many copyrighted songs in tune with the Brazilian music universe.
Influenced by his brothers, he began his musical studies at the age of 7. At 15, he studied guitar with Gustavo Suarez (Brazilian Music and Latin Music), Dami has graduated in Music by the “Conservatory of the City of Buenos Aires”.Interested in Cuban music studied in this country with Eduardo Suarez (Cuban Music and Improvisation). By that time, Dami was influenced by several musical genres and has studied with international professors such as Martin Porto, Alan Pachta, German Herlen and Luis D’agostino (Jazz, Bossa and Instrumental Music). Dami has continued his studies, perfecting himself with Nelson Faria and with the great composer and 8-string guitarist, Matias Arriazu.
Throughout his career , he played with several national and international artists.

Edgar Duvivier was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1955, he is a musician and visual artist. He has been playing clarinet since he was 8 years old. He graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music in 1983 and since then has been writing for theatre, TV, Films. He was responsible for 8 years of the soundtrack of Globo TV’s Broadcast  “Globo Ecology”. With Olívia Byington he performed throughout Brazil, Portugal and Italy, producing and composing for the album “Melodia Sentimental”. He recorded 4 solo CDs and received several composition awards (Kikito for best original music (Stelinha film),  Mambembe for the music of the play “Cenas de Autumn”, Revelation Award of the National Culture Law – Lei Sarney Award). Edgar continues to compose soundtracks for films and releasing new music on streaming platforms, accompanied by several musicians and singers.

With Dami Andres, Duo in 2020 he released 5 new songs. Edgar has already performed in the best venues in the city, such as the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, Sala de Concertos Cecília Meirelles, where he released his album “Sax Brasileiro” accompanied by a band of 11 musicians, He plays on various Jazz Clubs and Festivals.