Mon 26 Sept, 20:00 – Milunes, tango milonga – DJ Chimichurri


26 September 2022
Starts: 20:00
Doors: 19:30

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Milunes is terug!

Op maandagavond om de week kan er weer Tango worden gedanst in de fijne sfeer en ambiance van Munganga.

Er zijn wisselende DJ’s en soms is er een workshop vooraf, die informatie staat op de Tango kalender per keer aangegeven.

Milunes is back in our cosy theatre, every 2 weeks; with different DJ’s and sometimes a workshop.

“DJ Chimichurri earned her nickname as ‘hot’ DJ in the salons of Buenos Aires. (For the uninitiated, Chimichurri is a spicy, chili sauce.) She has DJ-ed in well-known tango salons such as Canning, La Nacional, Las Malevas and in Bruno and Rocío’s milonga La Mandrilera, as well as other milongas in, and far beyond, the Argentinean capital. These include the ETI, a tango festival with over 1.300 dancers ranging in age from 14 to 84! Chimi-Churri plays classic tangos organised in traditional tandas alternated with valses and milongas, but occasionally she also enjoys challenging a more experienced dance public with a tanda from a contemporary orchestra, such as Romantica Milongera or Tango Bardo, who give their own interpretation to the old classics. She loves the challenge of fitting the music to the mood, and enticing as many dancers onto the floor as possible… nothing obscure or ‘interesting’, just good danceable music to make your feet itch to dance.”

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