Zo 25 maart, 17:30 "Gafieira Do Lima" Brazilian Afternoon Dansparty Concert


25 Maart
Aanvang 17:30
Doors: 17:00
At the door: €12,50

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Een middag om te dansen onder de swingend ritmes van de gafieira. Rafael Pereira Lima, sax, Johannes Fend, double bass, Richie Struck, drums en Daniel Silva, trombone.

Samba de Gafieira (also called Gafieira) is a partner dance to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms.
Unlike various street and club forms of Brazilian samba, it evolved as a ballroom dance (dança de salão, literally, “salon dance”).

Samba de Gafieira must be distinguished from the ballroom Samba, danced in International Latin and American Rhythm ballroom dance styles.

Gafieira is usually a pair dance, although in artistic performances it is not uncommon to add solo variations, including steps of Samba no Pé.

So, come to this amazing Gafieira Dance party!

Rafael Pereira Lima
Rafael Pereira Lima is een saxofonist, componist en docent. Hij komt uit Porto Alegre, de meest zuidelijke stad in Brazilië. Op 10 jarige leeftijd begon Rafael met mondharmonica spelen in de Baptistenkerk en twee jaar later begon hij met saxofoon spelen. Op 16 jarige leeftijd begon de Braziliaan met het spelen op de altsax in de Meridian gemeenschap Jazz Big Band en in de Far Away Places Jazz Combo in de Verenigde Staten. Rafael Pereira Lima heeft een bachelor diploma in de klassieke saxofoon en een master diploma in Jazz, deze prestaties maken hem een ultiem flexibel en geliefd muzikant. Zijn stijl is een combinatie van jazz en Braziliaanse muziek.
Na veel toeren in Brazilië is Rafael inmiddels overgevlogen naar Nederland en mogen wij nu ook van zijn talenten genieten. Rafael speelt al meer dan 10 jaar samen met diverse DJ’s. In New York speelde hij in bekende clubs als Zuma en Bagatelle en in Nederland heeft hij onder meer opgetreden in lounge gelegenheden & clubs als Ma’dam, 5 & 33, North Sea Jazz, The Harbour Club en W Amsterdam. (http://www.rafaelsax.com/)

Johannes Fend
My first instrument was the Cello, which I started to play at the age of 6. After I got into playing walking bass lines on the Cello, I decided to switch to electric Bass. My father generously arranged one to lay under the christmas tree one day,  when I was about 12. And after a few years I also took up the double Bass which would become my passion. Soon I played in various groups as well as in a youth orchestra. During my year in civil service, I also studied in the preparatory course of the local Conservatory classical bass with Francisco Obieta. I attended workshops by Peter Madsen, a pianist from new York, had lessons with Herwig Hammerl and some with Peter Herbert.
After Civil service I moved to the Netherlands to study at the Prince Claus Conservatory with Paul Berner, Jan Voogt and Joris Teepe. Here I also attended the weekly workshops and masterclasses by musicians out of the New York Jazz scene, such as Matt Wilson, David Berkman, Todd Coolman, Alex Sipiagin and many more. I took part in many projects here and performed a series of solo concerts. And from the 3rd year on I entered the classical bachelor as well, studying with Sorin Orcinschi and having masterclasses with Catalin Rotaru, Dorin Marc (who convinced me to switch to german bow) and Wolfgang Güttler. Recently I won the second Price of the „Il Sole In Cantina Music Award 2016“  with “Johannes Fend – Solo” as the only solist in the competition, the first price of the „Leiden Jazz Award 2017“ with “Marco Apicella Trio” and the price for the best solist at Erasmus Jazz Price 2017. (https://www.johannesfend.com)

Richie Struck
I was born in Osnabrück, Germany in 1987. My parents are both music teachers so I grew up listening to a lot of classical music, especially  J.S. Bach. The drums attracted me already at a very young age though. I remember having a Mickey Mouse Kit with blue plastic sticks and a toy marching drum with which I would walk around the house. At the age of seven I had my first drum lesson and soon after my first real snare drum.
My first jazz influences were Louis Armstrong, Dave Weckl, Pat Matheny, John Scofield, Bill Stewart and the radio.
At the age of 11, I began playing the trumpet and later the bass guitar, and joined the local fusion band “New Jazzcity.” I also played the drums in musical productions such as “Cabaret” and “Little Shop of Horrors” for the “Musical AG Lohne.” When I was 15 I also started playing the piano and developed a passion for singing in choirs and A-Capella groups. In 2003 I won second prize in a local competition, “Jugend Musiziert,” for classical percussion. In 2006 I won first prize in the same competition nation-wide. This was also the year of my high school graduation. For one year I  was enrolled for music education and philosophy in Oldenburg, Germany before deciding to move to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to study jazz drums at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2007. I received my bachelor degree in 2011. A year later I started my Master at Codarts in Rotterdam, where I graduated in 2014. Today, I enjoy playing and teaching music. Besides Jazz and Funk I have developed a true passion for Brazilian music. (https://www.richiestruck.com)

Daniel Silva