Fri 11 Nov, 20:00 – Station Three, by Quartet Diminished (Tehran)


11 November
Start 20:00/Doors: 19:30
Voorverkoop: € 15,00

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Established by Ehsan Sadigh in 2013 – Quartet Diminished tends to create musical moments based on its members individual and collective contemporary outlook of music; as a general entity.
A range between completely defined compositions, and improvised phases comprises the music of Quartet Diminished, whose inspiration is drawn from a vast variety of musical trends,
without adhering to the idiom of any particular one: Avant-jazz and Contemporary, Iranian Traditional rhythmic patterns and harmonics, ethnic ritual music, the 20th century Avant-garde
or contemporary Jazz, and more…
“Quartet Diminished ” founded in 2013 by Guitarist Ehsan Sadigh (Founder), in the company of Mazyar Younesi (Piano/Vocal), The late Peter Soleimanipour(Clarinet/Saxophone), and Rouzbeh
Fadavi (Drums). After Peter Soleimanipoor left the group, Soheil Peighambari (ٌWood-Wind) took his place.
Quartet Diminished’s 1st album, Station One, was produced and released in 2012 by Iranian music label Hermes Records. They performed several concerts in Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovenia,
Slovakia, France, Italy, and Turkey. Among these Concerts, they took the attention of many, which eventually led them to attract a large number of fans and the overwhelmingly extensive positive
feedback of music critics.
The consistency of cooperation between Hermes Records and Quartet Diminished led to the production of the next album in 2016, Station Two, Mixed by Mr Manfred Eicher
(ECM) in La Buissonne Studio in Marsille and recorded at the Yildiz Studio in Istanbul. Their third Music album, Station Three, was published in 2021 during the spread of Coronavirus. Still,
it attracted the attention of numerous contemporary music lovers, and many musicians like Calin Bass and Maestro Hossein Alizadeh wrote about it.
It is a challenge to define the genre of Quartet Diminishedʼs music. What can be heard in their compositions is a combination of Jazz elements, 70ʼs progressive Rock, Iranian musical moods,
Iranian dances in addition to classical music, and the 20th centuryʼs avant-garde music seasoned with improvisations. In other words, they lean towards creating pieces that react their personal views of
todayʼs contemporary music around the world.


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