Fri 08 Dec 2023, 20:00 – Piotr Lipowicz Trio


DATE: Friday December 08th
TIME: 20h00 and doors open at 19h30
GENRE: tender melodies, soundscapes

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Piotr Lipowicz Trio (live teaser 2023) – YouTube

Piotr is an emerging guitarist and composer on the contemporary European music scene, based in the Netherlands. In his music he strives for simplicity focusing on creating and experimenting with tender melodies and soundscapes leading his audience through the array of unique moods.
He flavours his soulful, elegant and tradition-inspired sound with the inventive use of fx pedals. His music has often been described as eclectic, soulful, elegant, atmospheric and tasteful.

The idea behind Piotr Lipowicz Trio is described best using a quote ‘What most people want to hear is music that is very simple, but played extremely well’ (Michael Gibbs).
A trio setting only felt natural to carry out this vision. It supports the clarity of his original compositions, at the same time enriching them with personal influences of all players.

Piotr Lipowicz – guitar, fx
Matteo Mazzu – bass, fx
Aurel Violas – drums

‘Familiar Feeling was written by Piotr Lipowicz — as people might know, since the guitar is very dominant in the composition — still there is no place for selfish/egoistic solos.
It is tasty, elegant, and exotic, reminds me of Gàbor Szabó.’
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