Fri 05 Nov, 19:30 – Long movie: Bimi Shu Ikaya – Short movies: Xandoca & Sabá


05 November 2021
Starts: 19:30
Doors: 19:00
All films are subtitled in English.

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The first Peoples of the Rainforest Film Festival take place on 4, 5 and 6 November. On the program, films made by indigenous and non-indigenous filmmakers and also films about non-traditional peoples who live and survive in the Brazilian Amazon forest.

Today: Two short movies: Xandoca and Sabá + debat + conversation with the public led by Sara Brandellero & Sergio de Carvalho
Long movie : Bimi

Bimi became the first Huni Kuin indigenous woman to organize her own village, a hitherto exclusive activity of men. In his life trajectory, because of his strong and determined personality, he faced a series of difficulties. Above all, due to hierarchical and traditional issues of the Huni Kuin people, an essentially patriarchal society, resulting in the departure of their native land of origin, culminating in the organization of a new village, in which it develops several roles, among them, curing pajé, ancestral knowledge of the Huni Kuin people.

Directed by: Isaka Huni Kuin, Siã Huni Kuin and Zezinho Yube
Screenplay: Isaka Huni Kuin, Siã Huni Kuin and Tiago Campos
Executive Producer: Diego Medeiros
Production Director: Sérgio de Carvalho
Director of Photography: Ernesto Carvalho
Sound: Tiago Campos
Editing: Tiago Campos
Mixing: Nicolau Domingues
Soundtrack: –
Sound Design: Nicolau Domingues
Characters: Bimi
YEAR: 2018
GENRE: Documentary
DURATION: 52 minutes
SPEAKING LANGUAGE: Portuguese and Hatxa Kuin
Subtitles: English


Direção: Isaka Huni Kuin, Siã Huni Kuin e Zezinho Yube
Roteiro: Isaka Huni Kuin, Siã Huni Kuin e Tiago Campos
Produção Executiva: Diego Medeiros
Direção de Produção: Sérgio de Carvalho
Direção de fotografia: Ernesto Carvalho
Som: Tiago Campos
Montagem: Tiago Campos
Mixagem: Nicolau Domingues
Trilha Sonora:
Desenho de som: Nicolau Domingues
Personagens: Bimi
ANO: 2018
GÊNERO: Documentário
DURAÇÃO: 52 minutos
IDIOMA FALADO: Português e Hatxa Kuin
Legendas: Inglês

Organised by: Teatro Munganga & Saci Filmes

Sara Brandellero is a University Lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society.
Sergio de Carvalho is film director and Executive director by Saci Produções from Acre, extreme west of Brazil.