Don 15 Nov 20:30 “Kala Kalo”, by So Long Seven – World jazz from Toronto


15 November 2018
Aanvang 20.30 uur
Deur open 20:00
Ticket deur: € 15,00
Students: €8,00

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So Long Seven was created four years ago by four torontonians, veterans of the the Canadian music scene: Tim Posgate (banjo/Jane Bunnett, Shuffle Demons), Ravi Naimpaly (tabla/Loreena McKennit, Thomas Handy), Neil Hendry (guitar & mandolin/The Distillery) and William Lamoureux (violin & vocals/Billy Love Band, Really Big World). So Long Seven’s music is original and mostly instrumental. Their first album, released in November 2015, received a multitude of accolades from connaisseurs like the well-known jazz DJ Jaymz Bee of Toronto:

“Of all the recordings I’ve received in 2016, the debut effort from SO LONG SEVEN was certainly one of the most impressive. Calling this “Original Music” is an understatement: Banjo, Violin, Guitar and Tabla might look strange on paper, but it sure works in reality! This fuse of world music and cinematic jazz is truly exciting and is one of my top three picks of 2016.” 

WholeNote magazine coined their music as “cross-cultural chamber music”. Others have called it indo-jazz or world music, but above all the term ORIGINAL applies totally. They released their second album on November 8, 2017. The album was in the top positions of the world music university/community radio station charts in Canada for three months.

Here are a few quotes about So Long Seven:
What could be more Canadian than the multicultural mashup music of the Toronto quartet called So Long Seven? The band consists of expert players on banjo, tabla, violin and guitar fusing the inspirations of India, West Africa, Spain and Brazil to make dynamic and intriguing original music that draws on folk, chamber music and jazz…” Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen.

About their second album:
“This is ‘shut your eyes and go on a journey’ music. Or possibly ‘dance dreamily around in your living room’ music, depending on your predilection.” Li Robbins, Songlines August 2018
“De la haute voltige harmonique! Et un réel plaisir, que ce soit en sourdine distinguée, feutrant un souper aux chandelles, ou à plein volume!” Yves Bergeras, Le Droit.

About their first album:
“There is such a positive glowing musical force driving the sound. Each performer is a star when soloing and improvising. Great production values add a live off-the-floor ambiance. Brilliant original songwriting creates a unique band sound. Yet the group’s real strength lies in each member’s ability to share and understand the importance of close ensemble listening and the intricacies of musical interplay. So Long Seven is a release that absolutely every music aficionado needs to hear over and over and over again!” Tiina Kiik, Wholenote Magazine.

Link to So Long Seven’s latest album Kala Kalo: