Do 07 Nov, 20:30 Live Performance – Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç & Özgun Semerci 


07 November
Aanvang 20:00
Doors: 20:00
At the door: €15,00

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Ahmet and Özgün, who come from different musical backgrounds, will perform both solo and together with an electric guitar and banjo. They are influenced by folk, Anatolian and bluegrass tunes. We invite you to join this unique musical experience.

Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç (Gevende)
Bilgiç is the composer, producer, guitarist and vocalist of the progressive rock band Gevende and the founder of LU Records. Bilgiç is known as a singer using improvised language in his lyrics. He tells stories with the melodies and the words change in every performance. He has released five albums with his band Gevende. He has also composed and produced music for cinema, and mapping and video game projects since 2006. His most recent work is for the soundtrack to the movie “Butterflies” that won the Grand Jury Prize in World Drama at the Sundance Film Festival’18. Last month he released a single called “Şey Şey Şey” as a preview to his upcoming album.


Özgün Semerci
Singer-Songwriter, and banjo player Özgün Semerci started his solo career in 2016 with an album called “Bulandı Sularım”. Before his solo career, he played in a punk rock band called, Second, for about 15 years. After that, Özgün focused on the clawhammer technique, which is the oldest known style of playing a banjo. He continues to perform with the album “A Nightmare on Clawhammer Banjo” released in 2018 by LU Records.

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