Do 11 Jan 20:30 “Common Ground” door Canvas Trio


11 Januari 2018
Aanvang 20.30 uur
Deur open 20:00
Tickets: Online €5,00
At the door: € 8,00

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Dark and colourful. Intimate and extrovert. Fragile and energetic.
An empty canvas ready to be filled with colours and shapes.
Orestis Petrakis (piano), Nick Thessalonikefs (drums) and Pedro Ivo Ferreira (double
bass) met at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam in 2014.

The idea of the trio was conceived and brought to life at the first moment they played together.
With a strong musical connection, a growing friendship, and an ongoing search for musical identities,
they composed and arranged together original material, which led to the release of their
first album “Common Ground”, in May 2017.

Their love for improvised/through composed music, traditional/folk, modern/contemporary jazz,
and rhythms from Brazil and Greece blend together and create a very personal sound, with a strong emphasis on storytelling,
musical interaction and free interpretation of fixed forms.
Canvas participated in the Keep an Eye International Jazz Competition (Amsterdam) in 2016 and 2017,
where they were awarded the Incentive Prize (semi-finals) and the Best CvA Soloist (Nick Thessalonikefs).
Among other places, they have performed at the
Bimhuis, the Concertgebouw as well as the Greek National Radio.