za 01 juli 20:30 Afrikaanse dansworkshop & Solovoorstelling – "FOOL"


01 juli
Aanvang workshop: 19:00
Aanvang voorstelling: 20:30 uur
Prijs workshop €  20,00
Prijs Performance €  15,00
Workshop + Performance: € 30,00

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De internationally awarded African artist, choreographer and dancer Anani Sanouvi presents a double program: the workshop Agama-Fo – Transcultural Tools and Rhythm in Contemporary Dance Creation + the dans performance “FOOL”.

About Anani
Choreographer and dancer Anani Sanouvi is a recognized and internationally awarded African artist. In addition to his own creations, Sanouvi has collaborated with artists of the caliber of Peter Sellars and Anne Teresa De Keersmaker, participated in important conferences and taught workshops and seminars for amateurs and professionals in various institutions and dance and theater companies in various countries.

About the workshop
Target Audience: Professionals, students and amateurs of dance
Age Classification: Free
Duration: 1 hour
From 7pm till 8pm
Agama-Fo – Transcultural Tools and Rhythm in Contemporary Dance Creation
In Togo, West Africa where I came from, dance awakens oneself: it is about being present in the present through understanding a deep connection of our body and mind with sound, the other and space. The “Agama-Fo” method – of creation in dance – consists of a set of different practices developed from the knowledge, specifities and essences coming from diverse African ancestral dances in their intercross with dance and contemporary art. The workshop is a time to discover new possible configurations of dance and broaden our perception and sensoriality through this set of knowledge’s. In it we will explore and interweave different creative tools:
– Games of physical-rhythmic exploration in order to promote the discovery of our own rhythms and dynamics;
– Essences of movements and postures of languages ​​of ancestral dances that deepen the self-knowledge and consciousness of the movement;
– Structured improvisations experiencing the power of freedom within a discipline.

About the performance “FOOL”
It is an atmosphere of reflection that torments Fool (Fool), the performer.
“FOOL” is a performance where a FOOL, the performer, invites the environment and the audience to discuss the system through his body in movement. The FOOL acts and reacts with a chair that obviously does not belong to the landscape and from which the fool wants to escape but keep clinging to it.

“Fool” was created to be performed as misplaced participatory element of a landscape; as an area of conflict and affection; attraction and repulsion.
Another crucial aspect of “Fool” is its dialogue and extension through each photo registration –
Photographic Trail, which focuses on action, motion, gestures, attitude of the performer in tune with the nature of the different environment of each performance. In this way each performance is unique and also happens as a photographic moment that will impress the execution of the next performance.

“Fool” premiered at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia in July 2013 and was further presented at:
2013, Sacatar Foundation. Bahia. Brazil
2014, II International Festival of Contemporary Art of Maranhão. Brazil
2015, SACI. Art and Culture week of Imbassai, Bahia. Brazil
2016, Palazzo Strozzi; Palazzo Corsini. Piazza Ognissanti. Florence. Italy