Casa Salon ma 05 jun 20:30 Tango Salon Mi Lunes –


05 juni
Aanvang Milonga 20.30 uur
Deur open 20:00
Workshop: van 19:30 tot 20:30 uur
Workshop: 15 €.

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Mi Lunes (Mijn Maandagen)  is een gezellige en informele milonga in een theatrale sfeer op maandag om de twee weken. DJ Augustin.

This night we have a workshop by Natalia and Agustin. The theme is ‘ Musicality for reduced spaces’: using one of the most used techniques in the late thirties. We will develop the world of tiny little movements we could do when the floor is crowded and make our dance fun and playful.
The workshop starts 19:30, till 20:30 pm. After that of course Milonga, with dj Augustin.

Mi Lunes is a cosy and informal milonga in a theatrical atmosphere on Mondays every two weeks.
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