Casa Concert za 03 jun 20:30 "Desde mí mesma", by María Elía

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03 juni 2017
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EUROPE TOUR 2017 Release of New Album
DESDE MÍ MISMA Tangos in voice + piano

The Argentine singer and pianist María Elía proposes in Desde mí misma (From Within Myself) a dialog with an extraordinary dynamics between the voice and piano. María provides a solid and powerful artistic identity to her work with a great deal of interpretative power in a one-cut album, resulting from the most intimate influences of her exploration on both the piano and her voice itself- a distinctive hallmark through which she deploys her authenticity and highest potential of her musical talent. These are tangos with a personal view on the works of such representative writers and composers as Contursi and Dames, Gardel and Le Pera, Cadícamo and Cobián, the Expósito brothers, Manzi and Piana among others.
The oficial release of the album was in two important hall concerts in Buenos Aires, Café Vinilo and Caff with featured guest artists. She has been performing the songs thereof in two tours in 2014 and 2015 in a series of twenty concerts in various European cities of Germany, France and Switzerland. María is now touring different cities of Argentina.

“María sings tango with utter candidness and the key to such way of singing is how she accompanies herself on the piano- the accompaniment itself that constructs her phrasing” Mauro Apicella – La Nación
“Valuable disc by María Elía, especially the arrangements” Ricardo Saltón – Ámbito Financiero
“María Elía takes on the role of both singer and pianist. Her version of “Volver” offers a personal precious perspective about tradition” Nicolás Russo – Revista Veintitrés
“With “Desde mí Misma” María Elía captures a provocative and powerful look of a repertoroire made up of classic tangos” Agencia Telam
“The crucial voice: María Elía takes a deep breath in her album “Desde mí Misma” along with her piano and voice embarking on a moving journey through some classic tangos” Sitio web Fractura expuesta
“A great album which walks off the usual beaten track performing with extraordinary singing attitudes” Jorge G. El Amante
“María Elía’s debut record results in minimalism, her voice has the personal color and presence of a major orchestra and other intimate versions offered to the listener with a feeling of authentic complicity” Daniel Hoffer Revista Hecho en Buenos Aires
“A most personal piano and voice work and very much in the style of Diana Krall” Revista Alta Aerolíneas Argentinas

Maria was born in Buenos Aires, she is a singer, pianist and voice coach as well.
She begins to take piano lessons at age of nine and her voice was part of her expressive language since childhood too. She obtained her degree at the Conservatorio in Buenos Aires and takes regular voice training courses with Professor Eugene Rabine in Germany and, in Buenos Aires with Elisa Viladesau and Roxana Peralta, both of them Certified Rabine Teachers. Since 2003 she has been attending various workshops and specialty courses with a view to further her knowledge of the Rabine Functional Voice Training Method.
In 2016 she was also part the prestigious teaching staff at the Encuentro Internacional de Tango para Músicos (International Tango Encounter for Musicians), an event declared heritage of cultural, touristic and educational significance by Ministerio de Cultura (Culture Department) and Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (City Government of Buenos Aires). Also, she taught for two years Vocal Technique at Río Negro University; an activity she is currently committed to, at the Centro Cultural Rojas (UBA)
For ten years, she worked alongside composer Diego Penelas and made two albums:
“Atajo” (Shortcut) by Imaginary South Records in 2005 and “Camaléon de Papel” (Paper Chameleon) by MDR in 2009.
She has also performed on stage and recorded with outstanding artists such as Liliana Herrero, Juan Quintero, Mario Gusso, César Angeleri, Néstor Basurto, Franco Luciani, Fabián Martín, Xavier Díaz, Fernando Barroso, Finlay MacDonald, Hernán Crespo, Fabián Miodownik, Emmanuel Alvarez, Lucas Monzón, Juan Pablo Navarro, Hernán Crespo.
In 1999, for two consecutive seasons, she sang at the legendary Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires and was a member of the local committee at the 8º Cumbre Mundial del Tango (Worldwide Tango Summit) which took place in Patagonia, Argentina in 2009 and participated in the 2015 Festival y Mundial de Tango (Worldwide Tango Festival) along with the Edgardo Acuña Quintet. In 2015, along with drummer and composer Daniel Messina who lives in Germany, she did a show based on a most interesting Latin American music proposal in Montreux, Switzerland and the cities of Heilbronn and Stuttgart, Germany.
Since 2015 she has been part of NeXo- a cultural interactive program promoted by the British Council and Wales Arts International, with nine musicians from five nations [Argentina, Galicia, Scotland, Uruguay and Wales] with whom she gave two concerts at the Festival Celtic Connections 2016 encounter [Glasgow, Scotland] along with full BBC coverage. It became a smash success to the audience and critics and It was indeed, one of the 10 shows chosen for the BBC by Donald Shaw, Director of Celtic Connections. www.nexocultura.org
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MARÍA ELÍA Voz + Piano [Buenos Aires]
La cantante y pianista argentina ofrece en “Desde Mí misma” un diálogo con una fuerte dinámica expresiva entre su voz y el piano. Tangos con una mirada propia sobre la obra de autores y compositores emblemáticos como Contursi y Dames, Gardel y Le Pera, Cadícamo y Cobián, los hermanos Expósito, Manzi y Piana, entre otros. María Aporta a su obra una identidad artística sólida y potente con una gran fuerza interpretativa, en formato solo set, surgida de las influencias más íntimas de la exploración del piano y su voz, un sello distintivo a través del cual ella despliega su autenticidad y el mayor potencial de su talento musical.
“María Elía canta con naturalidad tanguera y la clave de su manera de cantar es que se acompaña con el piano; ese acompañamiento es el que moldea su fraseo” Mauro Apicella La Nación “María Elía asume todos los roles, como cantante y pianista. En su versión de Volver apuesta a una preciosa mirada propia sobre la tradición” Nicolás Russo Revista Veintitrés “Graba doce piezas destacadas entre las más clásicas y escuchadas del género: lo hace con gran personalidad, arreglos originales y una interpretación que no necesita estridencias para ser potente” Primer sitio web de música argentina Emepeá “Una voz clara, caudalosa en la palabra, convencida en los momentos más sentidos de la historia que cuenta y en los detalles, los matices al borde del silencio. Y el piano que la lleva hacia el remanso de la canción y allí la sostiene en notas y acordes que completan una sensibilidad que tiene ya un gusto, un sabor bien construido” Alejandro Mareco La Voz del interior YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/mariaeliacantante SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/album/0vzxuyJCGSZ6OeCilPl9cR WEB SITE www.mariaelia.com