Casa Concert vr 11 nov, 8:30pm Clube do Choro de Amsterdam presents "Piano & Sax à Brasileira"


11 November
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00

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Duo Fadel Rafael
Saxofonist Rafael Pereira Lima en pianiste Elisabeth Fadel presenteren een mix van samba, choro en jazz. Twee toptalenten brengen pareltjes uit de Braziliaanse muziek op dit uniek concert!

Duo Fadel Rafael
with Elizabeth Fadel at the piano and Rafael Pereira Lima on the alto saxophone.
Recipe of an awesome Choro Jazz concert:
3 kg of syncopations
1 kg of sixteenths notes
1 kg of eighths and quarters notes a pinch of thirtieth notes (uhuu that is fast) triplets to taste a cup of raw samba a cup of melting choro
a cup of hot jazz a tablespoon of Cuban music two tablespoons of “batuque“ pepper
and salt a gusto

Preparation to be explained on!