Casa Concert do 14 april 21:00 The Fingerstyle Guitar Show by Heiko Bloemers (GE) & Matthieu Kieffer (FR)


14 April
Aanvang 21.00
Deur open 20.15

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On the half-way between an authentic musical experience and a stand-up performance, The Fingerstyle Guitar Show is willing to share an intimate moment with the audience around the infinite creative possibilities of the acoustic guitar.

Popularized on the internet by artists such as Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, Thomas Leeb and Jon Gomm, the acoustic fingerstyle music genre essentially consists in solo instrumental performances leaning on extended techniques such as two hands tapping, slapping and percussive patterns, all done synchronously on a single amplified acoustic guitar in an exciting musical and visual way.

Heiko_photoThe show will consist of two solo guitar performances from fingerstyle guitarists Heiko Bloemers (Germany) and Matthieu Kieffer (France), plus a duo set at the end.

The Fingerstyle Guitar Show is ready to transport you into a new guitaristic dimension, so don’t miss this unique and astonishing musical event!

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