Casa Kinderen – zo 13 maart 11:00 "The Guitar Lullaby" – Muziek voor peuters – Music for toddlers


11.15 (doors open at 11.00)
€5 pp (babies <1 jaar gratis)

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The Guitar Lullaby
Stories and Songs for Children
“The Guitar Lullaby” is a music project inspired in the special bound between parents and their children. It is a collection of songs, written for voice and classical guitar, that reflects emotions such as love and happiness, being perfect for a moment of family unity. “The Guitar Lullaby” is an opportunity for music education as well. The children are naturally introduced to basics of music characteristics like pulse, melody and dynamics. The sound of classical guitar, singing, and laughs will fill the air in this wonderful moment shared by children and adults.

About the composer
Ricardo Alves Pereira is the creator and composer of the Guitar Lullaby.
Ricardo is a classical guitarist and he travelled through Europe to receive his education from some of the world’s most important guitarists. Graduated from Spain, made two Erasmus programme courses, in France and in Turkey, receiving both performative and pedagogical experience. Currently is attending a master degree in Koninklijk Conservatorium. Ricardo is an active performer and has received various prizes in international guitar competitions. In his performances he leads the audience to imagine stories through musical narratives. Some titles of this type of concert are Sonorous Story, Palabras entre Musica, and The Dream World. In the Guitar Lullaby project, he combined the traditions of classical guitar with innovative ways of teaching music and composed a creative repertoire entirely dedicated to children.