Casa Concert vr 11 maart "Native Aliens Ensemble"


11 maart 2016
Aanvang 21.00 uur
Deur open 20:00

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Native Aliens Ensemble
Native Aliens Ensemble (NAE) is a group of 8 musicians dedicated to playing composed music using elements of Brazilian popular music combined with free improvisation. The group was created by Renato Ferreira (Br), composer and multi-instrumentalist. He studied contemporary composition at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague and for this project he puts in action a mix of influences of Brazilian, European and Dutch sources: from Louis Andriessen to Alban Berg, passing through Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti. All those influences blend together with Amsterdam’s effervescent scene of improvised music to create a unique and explosive musical group.

After a series of experimental concerts, playing a new and entirely different repertoire every time, the Native Aliens Ensemble comes down to Teatro Munganga for a concert that will be recorded and become the group’s first CD.

Maracatu, Frevo, Baião, Catira
You can expect lots of Brazilian rhythms such as “maracatu”, “frevo”, “baião” and “catira” – all of them using the incredible variety of instrumentation of this group, including common instruments like guitar and drums, but also the bassoon, viola and cello. On top of this are the powerful improvisations of this group’s musicians, who are all active improvisers in town.

The Native Aliens Ensemble are:
Renato Ferreira – all compositions, tenor and baritone sax
Yedo Gibson – soprano sax
Laura Polence – voice
George Dumitriu – guitar and viola
Miguel Petruccelli – guitar and bass guitar
JanWillem van der Ham – bassoon and alto sax
Gábor Hartyáni – cello
Onno Govaert – drums

Renato FerreiraRenato Ferreira was born in São Paulo, Brazil. He is a composer, saxophone and double-bass player. He was a member of the ensemble of Ricardo Zohyo, a long-term collaborator of Hermeto Pascoal, studying many forms of Brazilian remote folklore as well as Brazilian instrumental music. In the Netherlands since 2007, he came to the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague to study contemporary composition with Martijn Padding, Cornelis De Bondt, Gilius van Bergijk a.o. Since 2010 he is an active improviser and organizer in Amsterdam.

Frevo is a wide range of musical styles originating from Recife, Pernambuco, in the Northeast of Brazil, and traditionally associated with Brazilian Carnival. The word frevo is said to come from frever, a variant of the Portuguese verb ferver (to boil). It is said that the sound of the frevo will make listeners and dancers feel as if they are boiling on the ground.

Maracatu is an Afro-Brazilian performance genre, also from Pernambuco, Brazil. It is a powerful music with two main forms: Nação – slower and with many bass drums; and Rural – faster and with the addition of wind instruments.

Baião has its roots with the native peoples in the Northeast of Brazil but now incorporates elements of indigenous, mestizo, African, and European music.

Catira is a dance of Brazilian folklore, in which the dancer (or “catira”) performes a choreography with his/her hands and feet. Catira can be made up of six to ten members plus a pair of guitarists who play and sing the correspondent song.

More about Renato Ferreira:
Video sample from Native Aliens:

Native Aliens Ensemble is een groep van 8 Muzikanten die gecomponeerde muziek met behulp van elementen van de Braziliaanse populaire muziek in combinatie met vrije improvisatie spelen. De groep werd opgericht door Renato Ferreira (Brazilië), componist en multi-instrumentalist. Hij studeerde hedendaagse compositie aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag. Dit project is een spannende mix van invloeden van de Braziliaanse, Europese en Nederlandse bronnen: van Louis Andriessen naar Alban Berg, door Hermeto Pascoal en Egberto Gismonti. En alles woord gecombineerd met de fantastische ervaring van de musici di zijn al actieve in Amsterdam als improvisators. De Native Aliens Ensemble komt naar Teatro Munganga om een Live CD opname te maken met repertoire gemaakt door Renato Ferreira. Wat te verwachten? Veel Braziliaanse ritmes, kleurrijk solo’s, melodieën en improvisatie!

NAE aux fotoNative Aliens Ensemble is:
Renato Ferreira – composities, tenor- and bariton sax
Yedo Gibson – sopraan sax
Laura Polence – zang
George Dumitriu – alt viool en gitaar
Miguel Petruccelli – bas gitaar en gitaar
JanWillem van der Ham – fagot en alt sax
Gábor Hartyáni – cello
Onno Govaert – slagwerk