Casa Concert za 7 nov 2015 Miscellaneous: Morgana Moreno & Marcelo Rosário


07 november 2015
Aanvang 21.00 uur
Deur open 20:30

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Miscellaneous is defined as a mixture of several elements, from the musical and non-musical dimension. Brazilians living in Europe, Morgana Moreno (flute, composition) and Marcelo Rosario (guitar, composition) present through their compositions the product of mixing images, colors, sounds and sensations experienced in two such different continents. European Jazz, Classical Music and World Music, as well as different landscapes and cultures of traveled are noticeable and natural influences. Results are defined in words through the titles of the songs, such as “Loreley”, “O caminho”, “Crepusculum”, “Bon Voyage”. Merging to the Brazilianness of both musicians – who have Choro Music as their main musical root, Miscellaneous has a world full of possibilities that easily dialogues with many musical genres and that does not need labels to exist. The eponymous album was recorded in March 2015 in Cologne, Germany and it’s about to be released.


Morgana Moreno, flutist and composer, born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, winner of Festival da Educadora FM 2014 (Salvador/Brazil) on “Best Instrumental Music” category and 1st Prize at the International Competition “Leopold Bellan” 2013 on “World Music/Jazz” category (Paris/France). Though young, the musician already stands out for her authenticity, own language in construction of melodies and improvisations as well as the aesthetics of her flute sound, which are results of her contact with different musical styles such as Choro Music and Brazilian genres, Classical Music, Jazz and Improvised Music.


Extremely versatile, young Marcelo Rosario also began very early as a multi-instrumentalist, before deciding to play the guitar. At still a young age, he became a specialist in Brazilian music focusing on Samba, Choro Music and typical Brazilian 7-string guitar. He has been working as guitarist as well as composer, arranger and educator, not only in Brazil but also in Europe. Currently he teaches at the Choro School “EPM Holanda”.