Casa Film don 15 oct 2015 "PONETTE" – Directed by Jacques Doillon


15 oktober 2015
Start: 21:00 uur
Open: 20:00 uur
97 minutes
In French with English subtitles


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PONETTE (1996)
Almost everyone who has seen this film has gone away deeply moved and changed by it. It is shot entirely from the perspective of four-year-old Ponette (Victoire Thivisol), a girl who is coming to terms with the death of her mother (Marie Trintignant) who has died in a car accident. What is left is an incredible hole, a void, that Ponette has to deal with in some way. What we have is an incredible portrayal of grief, so rare in the history of cinema, as little Ponette attempts to make sense of this wild world… of trying to come to grips with the unbearable. No one knows how to help her, so her search is a solitary journey to try and come to peace with her life.

ponetteThis journey is emotionally visceral, almost like primal therapy, as we go through all of these confused emotions. Its an intense film that you can’t shake off after you have seen it… it just doesn’t go away, it lingers and haunts. Why? Because deep down there is something we recognize in it, that we have forgotten about, that is never spoken and rarely touched upon. And this film nails it down through the cathartic performance of the main child-actress Victoire Thivisol. She gives an astounding performance, unmatched in all of cinema. Ponette is directed by the gifted Jacques Doillon, whose films are rarely ever screened outside of France.

This will be a high-definition screening.