vr 28 juli 20:30 "Duo Thabata Feher & Pedro Franco"

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28 Juli
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Duo Thabata Feher & Pedro Franco

Het duo presenteert een repertoire variërend van Braziliaanse muziek tot internationale klassiekers. Alles met een duidelijk invloed van jazz, bossa nova en world music.

De drijfveer van Thabata en Pedro is de liefde voor kunst, het plezier om op het podium te zijn, het verlangen om een ​​moment van vreugde te delen en te leiden. Het duo is gevormd door kunstenaars die hetzelfde doel delen: muziek maken om te ontroeren. Het project van twee artiesten die betrokken met muziek en de grondslagen ervan zijn.
Het resultaat is een geavanceerd en modern concert voor muziekliefhebbers.

The love for art, the pleasure of being on stage, the desire to share and lead a moment of joy. The duo was born through the union of artists who share the same goal: watering hearts with music. A project made up of components committed to music and its foundations, adding experiences all over the world, showing its art and enchanting everyone wherever they go. Influenced by Jazz, Bossa Nova and World Music, the duo has a repertoire with strands ranging from genuine Brazil to international classics. Very natural in the arrangements, created with personality and good taste. It is the meeting of two stars, and the result is a sophisticated and modern concert for music lovers.

Tabatha Fher, professional singer for 16 years. Endowed with an original voice that makes a song known in a totally innovative experience. In partnership with the composer singer Jair Oliveira, he played the song “Evil Diva”, theme of the novel “Fina Estampa” by Rede Globo. He participated in The Voice Brasil, where he can show his art to the whole country, winning a legion of fans. A resident of Japan three years ago, she sang and enchanted the public of world society, thus developing her international career.






Pedro Franco, guitarist, singer and composer. Owner of poetic and rhythmic creativity. An expressive right hand, it represents the four corners of Brazilian music. Professional musician 10 years ago. He has participated in several festivals in Brazil and Europe, such as the festival Zermatt Unplugged, Switzerland. Musician residing in Switzerland for 6 years. He recorded his first album at PowerPlay Studios. Where artists such as Prince, Lady Gaga, Wu Tan CLan, have passed.




Thábata Feher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xxzDB8TxVI

Pedro Franco: https://youtu.be/pvPwA8AKFSY