Casa Theater vr 08 mei 2015 Radio Horror Theatre presents: Northern Lights


Vrijdag 8 mei
Doors open at 20:00
Play starts at 20:30

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In the great tradition of Orson Wells ‘1930’s broadcast of HG Wells ‘WAR OF THE WORLDS’ (which caused thousands of panicking people to flee the big cities) NORTHERN LIGHTS will utilise the power of radio to inspire subtle and insidious fear.

Northern Lights is adapted from a radio play first broadcast in 1949. By Willis Cooper.

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In a 1940’s studio, radio performers read a science fiction drama in which two scientists, alone in an isolated northern laboratory, find themselves dealing with chilling cosmic forces beyond any known to Man. As the actors become drawn into the action, so does the audience’s imagination.

Radio Horror Theatre has specialized in radio horror over the years. With a special mix of black comedy and wry visual effects the audience is laughing one minute and shuddering the next.

  • In their acclaimed 1992 production of Donovans Brain, a malevolent cauliflower submerged in an aquarium connected to a bicycle pump made sinister bubbles as it sent out mind controlling vibrations.
  • In 1996, Radio Horror Theatre presented The Cabinet of Dr Wagenheim, in which a horror film maker in search of screams learns a terrible secret behind a horror sound archive.
  • In 2000, they performed The Knife Thrower, in which a circus performer intentionally makes increasingly deadly mistakes to the applause of the audience.
  • In their 2006 production, The Thing on the Forble Board a hideous spider woman entered the set to devour the listening guest.

At Casa Munganga Radio Horror Theatre presents their latest production, THE NORTHERN LIGHTS with Greg Lawson, George Isherwood, Noga Zohar, and Annabel Jansen.
Directed by Debbie Mulholland and Leonid Popa.