Zo 06 Jan 11:00 Celtic Folk Songs by violinists Sara Kalinowska and Violetta Adamova


11.00 (doors open at 10.45)
€6,50 pp (babies <1 jaar gratis)
Maximum capacity: 50 people!
Maximale capaciteit: 50 personen!




Lets come alive with the spirit of dance and hundreds of years of Irish folklore. 
Scotland and Ireland come to mind at first when thinking about Celtic music although it is also present in Great Britain, North France, Galicia and in North Spain. In Canada and USA it is country music, specifically blue grass music, that has strong Celtic influences. 
Violinists Sara Kalinowska and Violetta Adamova are going to present a book of Celtic Folk Songs arranged by Aleksey Igudesman who is best known as a violinist, but also established himself as a composer, conductor, actor, producer, entrepreneur and filmmaker.