Za 08 Sept, 20:30 “Canção pra dois (Song for two)” by Carol Andrade & Alex Maia


08 September
Start: 20:30
Doors: 20:00
At the door: €15,00

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“I made this song for us, we are two, even if alone, two meetings, guitar and voice, and other to come”
(A piece of the text from “Canção para Dois”, composed by Marcio Celli, contemporary gaucho singer and composer).
The song, which gives title to the project, defines well the specialty of the meeting of Carol Andrade (singer and songwriter) and Alex Maia (guitarist and arranger), from 1997 to today’s day, companions in life and art .
To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of this fruitful partnership (three albums released: the first in a duo and the other two led by Carol Andrade with Alex Maia in the arrangements, guitar and production), the duo releases a new album with original Brazilian music that talk about “a life in duo”. The choice of the theme rescues the true meaning of marriage and exalts the force of love, not that perfect or platonic love, so present in so many songs of the popular songbook, but real love, love alive. The idea is to bring to life the dramas of a couple’s life, their joys, conflicts and overcoming; sing what comes after the “and live happily ever after”.
The vocal and guitar formation brings the theme to life and makes the couple’s musical symbiosis clear: A singer and an instrumentalist, both of unmatched quality, who make music like two dancers without a main character in an aura of complicity, delicacy and passion.
“Canção para Dois” is a simple and at the same time grandiose project. It brings in a voice and a guitar the richness and diversity of the music of a giant Brazilian rhythms like samba, baião and bossa nova “marry” with the waltz, the jazz and even the rock, all together and mixed by a modern seasoning, with smell and taste of poetry, this one that exempts the measure of time and always leads us to the essential.