Za 18 Jan 20:30 As Divas do Samba-Jazz by Rosa Rosah Trio


18 januari 2020
Aanvang 20:30 uur
Deur open 20:00 –
Entree in voorverkoop €12,50.
Aan de zaal €15,00



The singer Rosa Rosah, accompanied by Dinho Nogueira (7st guitar) and Alaor Soares (percussionist), brings to Europe the show titled As Divãs do Samba – Jazz,
where the trio plays in a unique way the repertoire marked by the voices of Elis Regina, Rosa Passos, Leny Andrade, Joyce Moreno, among others.

Rosa Rosah
Rosa Rosah, a Brazilian Singer, studied Singing in ULM and Conservatorio Souza Lima, started her career 20+ years ago, singing Brazilian Music in Pubs in São Paulo. In 2002
she fell in love with Latin-Cuban music, and started to sing with the main bands that stood out in São Paulo music market at that time: Heartbreakers Orchestra, Havanna Brasil Band,
Sabor à Cuba Band and Salsa Brasil Band. In 2018 she released her first Album, “Rosa Rosah É Bom”, with sophisticated musical arrangement of “samba gafieira”, jazz and Latin rhythms.

The partnership with the guitar player Dinho Nogueira started in 2011, with “bossa nova”, “samba” and “samba jazz” rhythms. Nowadays they are preparing their first European Tour.
The Tour will have shows in Holland, Belgium, Portugal, France and United Kingdom.

Dinho Nogueira
Dinho Nogueira is an internationally recognized guitar player, songwriter and teacher. Music concerts have been part of his life since he was six years old. In 2015 he recorded his first authorial album and showed his great performance with Chorinho and other Brazilian rhythms. In 2017, just after starting his partnership with Zé Barbeiro, he recorded the album “Enaltecendo o Choro”. In 2018, during an European Tour, they recorded another album Live in Paris. Dinho Nogueira has already performed on stage with great artists like Hamilton de Holanda, Alessandro Penezzi, Yamandu Costa, Heraldo do Monte and many others. He is bachelor in Classic Guitar, and studied electric guitar in theJazz/MPB course in the Tatuí Music School.

Alaor Soares
Musician, coach, performer, entrepreneur. Born in São Paulo, Brazil; lives in the Netherlands. A natural performer who has worked in Brazilian music for many years as a writer, arranger and composer.
“The beauty of drumming lies in its physical character. Whatever you move, whether it’s your foot, your arm, your hand, you make a sound of some kind. I believe that rhythm is everywhere, and that it forms a fundamental part of everyday life. We breathe in a rhythm, we walk in a rhythm, and the sun rises and sets with a fixed rhythm. When someone tells me they have no feel for rhythm, I don’t believe it. They’ve just never been made aware of the rhythms that exist everywhere, in their own bodies and all around them.”  Alaor Soares.

A cantora Rosa Rosah, acompanhada pelo violonista Dinho Nogueira e pelo percussionista Alaor Soares, traz para a Europa o show intitulado As Divãs do Samba/Jazz, onde o trio interpreta de maneira singular o repertório marcado pelas vozes de Elis Regina, Rosa Passos, Leny Andrade, Joyce Moreno, entre outras.