Sat 08 Jun 2024, 20:00 – Latin America music, by Santo Remedio


08 June 2024
Starts: 20:00
Doors: 19:30

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At the heart of Santo Remedio are three musicians, Macarena Paz Pizarro, Rodrigo Cortez and Alejandro Arrate. Their passion is to explore the roots of Latin American music.

Santo Remedio is welcoming two new bandmembers. Jina Sumedi and Eduardo Navea.

Jina is an accomplished keyboard and accordion player, also a composer and arranger. Eduardo is the latest musician to join the band, as a multi-instrumentalist he will be playing percussion, quena and charango.

A concert with Santo Remedio will take you on a journey, traveling from the green valleys of the northern Andes Mountains, where you will hear the sound of the Charango playing traditional Huayno, down to the Peruvian coastal regions, home to the Afro Peruvian culture and the Cajon Peruano, passing through the high planes to the hot Argentinian north, where the heartbeat of the Bombo Legüero resonates in cheerful gatherings and finally through Chile, where you will discover urban folk styles like the Cueca Brava and rhythms of cold and windy Patagonia like Pericona.

Besides interpreting and arranging traditional compositions Santo Remedio composes their own original music inspired and deeply rooted in the rich musical traditions of the South American continent.

Come and enjoy the unique sound of this ensemble, an exciting mix of South American, African and European musical elements.