Fri 14 Apr 2023 – 20:00 – Beyond Lisboa Nights, Two concerts by Miras Trio & Cacha Mundinho Quartet


14 April 2023
Starts: 20:00
Doors: 19:30



An evening opening off with traditional old and beautiful fado songs from Portugal by Miras Trio, served with a contemporary touch.
Fado means “destiny”, since the 19th century is one the manifestations of the identity and Portuguese people’s voice.
Fado music transmits the joys and sorrows of the Portuguese soul. Miras trio reaches out to bring you the authentic  “Casa de Fados” experience.

The Fadistas are:
Sofia Pedro – vocals (Portugal)
Juan Sebastián Blanco – harp (Colombia)
Joana Almeida – classic guitar (Portugal)

After the break will continue the 2th set with a new voyage through the world of Lusophony, catching the small world of “Cacha Mundinho”.

Cacha Mundinho “catch a small world”
A musical voyage through the world of Lusophony and beyond

Cacha Mundinho “catch a small world” breathes new life into practically forgotten musical routes. From songs that exude an Iberian ambiance and Portuguese troubadour tradition Cacha Mundinho travels via North Africa, the Middle East to India and Brazil. The old, historical stories it tells and trails it follows as well as the musical encounters it has along the way are vividly portrayed through the music of singer-songwriter Joana Almeida.

Almeida came to live in Amsterdam in 2020 and has dedicated her life to follow a unique path: she is one of the very first female, classical fado guitarists in Portugal. She composes original pieces in Portuguese, inspired by fado and traditional Portuguese troubadour songs but with her own unique and contemporary take on tradition. Elements from Portugal, Middle East, Africa, Brazil and Indian music are combined with the improvisatory agility of top-notch jazz. The Cacha Mundinho Quartet has its own sound, to honor the Lusophone world.

In March 2020, the young singer and songwriter Joana Almeida arrived in Amsterdam from Porto and opened new “umbrellas” with the percussionist Sjahin During, Maripepa Contreras on oboe/duduk, Pedro Ivo Ferreira – on double bass, to establish Cacha Mundinho in searching the landscapes of the rich Lusophone music cultures, intertwining the sounds of the Lusophony world towards a new horizon.

Lusophony is the total of regions and cultures that share the Portuguese language, in this special case: Portugal, Middle East, Africa, Brazil and India….

“Cacha” derives from Cape Verdean creole and is a corruption of “catch”, “Mundinho” comes from “mundo” and means “small world”.

Joana Almeida | vocals & guitar (Portugal)
Maripepa Contreras | oboe & duduk (Spain)
Pedro Ivo Ferreira | double bass (Brazil)
Sjahin During | percussion set (Netherlands/Turkey)

* The term Lusophone is derived from Lusus, the mythical patriarch of the Lusitanians, the Roman name for the Portuguese people. With more than 200 million speakers, Portuguese is one of the most important world languages. Besides being spoken in Portugal, Portuguese is one of the official languages of Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinee-Bissau, Cape Verde, Sao Tomé and Principe, the People’s Republic of China (Macao) and East Timor in Indonesia (source: Wikipedia)