Casa Concert za 19 nov, 8:30pm Clube do Choro de Amsterdam presents Quatro a Zero


19 November
Aanvang 20:30
Doors: 20:00

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The Clube do Choro de Amsterdam is proud to present Quatro a Zero @ CASA Munganga

Quatro a Zero presents the newest unfolding of a musical genre that has over 150 years of history in Brazil: choro. Great brazilian artists such as Villas Lobos, Tom Jobim and Radamés Gnatalli searched for inspiration and were influenced by that musical language. The group brings a new perspective into the style in which a deep foundation in tradition is associated with the freedom of using elements from different music universes; from jazz to classical music, from samba to Latin American music. The reverence for artists that built the genre and the desire of making new music make Quatro Zero cross choro’s frontiers. The group uses a neverseen instrumentation in choro’s universe – piano, electric bass, electric guitar and drums (nor- mally it’s played with cavaquinho, acoustic guitars, pandeiro, flute or mandolim). Also, improvisation is a constant element on their music and the similarity with contemporary jazz groups is evident. Looking at jazz scenario, Quatro a Zero sounds fresh, fluid and inventive. In its fifteen-year history, the group has released four much praised albums and has been a part of the most important cultural projects in Brazil.

4 X 0 plays Radamés Gnattali “Papo de Anjo”:

clubedochoro-zeerkleineFrom its formation in 2001 until today, Quatro a Zero has had a rich history of musical growth and has achieved a great impact in music. The group performed all over Brazil until 2012, when they started their international career, performing in Paris and Lisbon. In 2004, the group won 2nd place on the 7th Prêmio VISA de Música Brasileira (VISA Awards for Brazilian Music), and in 2005 they released their first album, called ʻChoro Elétricoʼ. In 2006, the group decided to immerge into the music of Radamés Gnattali, the ultimate musical inspiration to them. They also participated in some very important cultural projects such as Pixinguinha – touring in the north region of Brazil, – and Circuito Instrumental Universitário – touring all over the country with mandolin player Joel Nascimento. Right after that, the group got involved in a very deep research about the choro in the countryside of the state of São Paulo (Memórias do Choro Paulista), which resulted in their second album, called ʻPorta Abertaʼ (2008). Their third CD, called ʻAlegriaʼ (2011), sets a new era in the groupʼs path. After the musicians underwent a long period of personal development and researches about the language/expression of choro, they felt comfortable enough to step forward into valuing their own creations much more. In 2013, Quatro a Zero brought back its productive partnership with composer, sax and clarinet player Nailor Proveta, with whom the group shared the stage in moving performances. In 2014, the group kept producing and playing with accordionist Toninho Ferragutti, and they also got involved in an ambitious project: the release of the concert and recording of ʻConcerto Carioca no 3ʼ (1972), from Radamés Gnattali (1906-1988) – album ʻConcertos Cariocasʼ (June, 2016).

danielDaniel Muller (acoustic and electric piano) has a Master degree in Music at University of Campinas. He is part of Conversa Ribeira, which recreates brazilian country song under a contempo- rary perspective, and has released the albums ʻConversa Ribeiraʼ and ʻÁguas Memóriasʼ. The winning trio represented Brazil in music festivals in Portugal (Ollin kan Porto) and Mexico, and also performed along with the Municipal Orchestra of Jundiaí and the Symphonic Orchestra of Sorocaba. Heʼs also part of the quartet À Deriva, group that plays music focused on the collective improvisation and has released 6 albums of their own: ʻÀ Derivaʼ, ʻÀ Deriva IIʼ, ʻSuíte do Náufragoʼ, ʻMóbileʼ, ʻDe senhores, baronesas, botos, urubus, cabritos e ovelhasʼ and ʻO muro rever o rumoʼ. In addition to all of that, he plays at the big band Comboio, with whom he recorded the CD ʻNarrativas de Sobrevivência.ʼ


Eduardo Lobo (electric and classical guitar) is currently at the third year of his doctoral studies in Music at University of Campinas (UNICAMP). He is a studious of the music of Radamés Gnatalli, and dedicates himself to play the work of this composer in a duo with piano player Rafael dos Santos. He also acts in the area of musical education, having published two methods for playing cavaquinho, written for ʻProjeto Guriʼ, in São Paulo. His music career was made of playing choro, samba and Brazilian jazz.


Lucas Casacio (drummer and percussionist) is currently at the last year of his doctoral studies in Music at University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Besides being a part of Quatro a Zero, he used to be a part of GRUPU (the percussion group of UNICAMP) as an instrumentalist in many important events in the international percussion scene. He has performed in important music festivals both in Brazil and abroad. As an instrumentalist, he was part of two musicals: Mamma Mia (2010-2011) and Meu amigo Charlie Brown (2010).

daniloDanilo Penteado (multi-instrumentalist, electric bass) has graduated in Popular Music at Universidade Estadual de Campinas. In 2002, he joined the Havana Jazz Plaza, in Cuba. He plays piano and cavaquinho at Carlinhos Antunesʼs Orquestra Mundana, where he has played with musicians from many nationalities, such as Fanta Konate (Guinea), Kanchan Maradan (India). With the Orchestra, he has played in festivals in France and Burkina Faso. He recorded the album ʻAbrideiraʼ with the group Fina Estampa, where he plays cavaquinho (small guitar). He is a singer, keyboard and bass player for the Sinamantes, group that toured in the USA, Portugal and England.