Casa Concert vr 15 apr 21:00 "POLAROID" by Raya-Mazza CANCELLED!


15 april 2016
Aanvang 21.00 uur
Deur open 20:30

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Polaroid is catching the essence of life, is connecting and being present for every small detail.
Susana Raya: Voice, guitars
Antonella Mazza: Double bass

Susana Raya
SusanaRaiaConsidered by the jazz critic and historian Ted Gioia as “the andalusian Eva Cassidy”. Featured in the prestigious magazine Fingerstyle 360 that says: “When Susana performs, a quiet comes over the room. The audience instantly realizes that what they´re hearing is special. This type of response is quite rare and indeed, magical. It speaks to the power of music when the artist is one with the instrument, one with the music, one with the audience”.

Songwriter, classical trained guitar player, european awarded jazz singer and jazz guitar graduated by Conservatory of Amsterdam. The Tribune de Genéve described her as an “improviser full of fantasy and a sensitive interpreter”.

She was born in Córdoba (Spain) and lives currently in Amsterdam.

“She is brilliant!”, Martin Taylor
“In a perfect world everyone would know her music”, Bill Piburn

Antonella Mazza
Originally from southern Italy, Antonella Mazza studied classical and jazz bass under the direction of Ezio Pederzani at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music in Milan. In addition she received training in sound design and earned a master’s degree in ethnomusicology from D.A.M.S. She also completed instruction with clinics with Bruce Gertz and David Clark from Berklee College of Music, John Patitucci. Today she is recognized as one of Italy’s acclaimed bassists, and her playing has been featured on international tours, recordings, and numerous television appearances alongside notable pop and jazz musicians (Lino Patruno, Massimo Ranieri, Mirelle Mathieu,Ndidi’O, Lillian Boutté, Ron …) She played in Umbria Jazz Winter, Award as Best Musician in Roccella Jazz Festival opening “Micheal Brecker Quartet” , Ferrara Jazz Festival Tribute to Louis Armstrong, Festival Norimberga, ValleMaggia Jazz& Blues, Euro Bass Day, Lillian Boutte’, Blue Note Milano, Warwick Messe Shangai ,Lucca Donna Jazz Festival, Manu Lanvin

TV SHOW : Super , Carta di Riso, Il Volo , Bulldozer, Wedding planners , Festivalbar, Top of the pops , Cd live, Mai dire Grande Fratello Show,Tutte donne tranne me…

DISCOGRAPHY: « En Route » Soulstance, Act one, Soulstance , Live at Ca bianca, La Crus , Luca Gemma, Parola di vongola Stiv , Incontri con l’ anima Roberto Cacciapaglia Tramonti di fragole TerzaClasse, Tribute to Duke Jazz Machine , Live in Modena.

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