Za 18 Nov 20:30 “TRINTA”, by Leo Minax


18 November 2017
Aanvang 20.30 uur
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Special guest: Susana Raya
With his contemporary sound, sophisticated compositions, and the distinctive timbre of his voice, Leo Minax blends heterodox influences from his homeland, Brazil, with elements of jazz, rock and pop music. All of this combines with his prodigious talent to produce music which defies classification in any genre. Leo thinks about composition in terms of restlessness and from the perspective of constant revision and reinvention of his musical offering. He began to compose at a very young age in Brazil, under the influence of generations of artists from that country.

From Madrid, where he lives, Leo has been travelling around. He has already played in Japan, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Ireland, United States, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Brasil… This is the first time he comes to Netherlands, and Munganga will be the first stage to have Leo`s music here. And the great Spanish singer-songwriter, Susana Raya, will be his special guest.

A tireless creator, Minax has collaborated with a large number of artists including Jorge Drexler, Toninho Horta, Moska, Lisandro Aristimuño, Steen Rasmussen, Niccolò Fabi, Arnaldo Antunes, Vitor Ramil, Eugenia León and Pedro Guerra, among others. His music has also been heard in films, including the Spanish movie “Pudor” by David and Tristan Ulloa.
One of Leo`s songs was nominated to the Danish Music Awards in 2013. At this moment, Leo Minax is touring and promoting his new album, “Trinta”, the eighth in his carreer.

2000 – “SOL NO BREU”
2003 – “STEREO 13”
2017 – “TRINTA

About Minax:
“Innovative, creative, a master of composition, completely in tune with the times, Leo Minax brings us the conviction that songwriting is always something transformative. And this is what we want!”
(LÔ BORGES Brazilian composer from Minas Gerais)

“Leo Minax is a complete artist. He composes very well, the lyrics and the melody. Moreover, he is an assured and expressive singer. And not only that: he also plays the guitar with total mastery. He has an unusual rhythmic sense and his harmony is extremely rich. His performances on stage are unbeatable. Leo puts all of this in the service of his art. Sometimes he seems a contemporary troubadour, singing verses full of poetry. Other times he`s just looking for a song that’s complete, well-formed. We are friends and partners. We’ve made a few good songs, with the promise of increasing the harvest. I really like sharing the stage with him. We always have a good time!” (CHICO AMARAL Brazilian composer)

“… He is a completely contemporary artist with so many and such diverse influences from pop and rock that they end up dissolving into his songs without leaving obvious marks, almost without a trace. Although certain sequences of chords and intonations situate him: Minas Gerais, the giant landlocked Brazilian state which gave rise to Toninho Horta, Milton Nascimento and Lô Borges …”
(CARLOS GALILEA – journalist for El País and RNE Radio, Spain)

“Jungles. Overflowing rivers. Colors of the air. Rhythms of the blood. In the music of Leo is all of this. Safe and contained. Like the sea in the clouds. Fresh water without weight. Voice without gravity. Hummingbird wings. Strength and caress. Melodies that rise over the broken beat. Hand that touches a stone. Song and soul. Leo thinks harmonies that search for words (…) ”
(PABLO GUERRERO Spanish poet and songwriter)

“(…) The musical aspect, which is a symbiosis of elements of rock, samba, jazz and Brazilian Popular Music, aligned with a harmonic concept which has his friend Toninho Horta as a reference. Its driving force is Leo’s smooth voice as well as his guitar with its unmistakeable mark of Minas Gerais and a particular way of making songs. Leo Minax is an artist who has already found his way (…)”
(KIKO FERREIRA – writer and journalist for Estado de Minas, Brazil)

“Leo Minax is one of the most creative and original composers of his generation in contemporary Brazilian popular music. His voice has a nice timbre, and his melodies and harmonies reflect the real atmosphere of the State of Minas Gerais, the place he was born, and the birthplace of many great musicians. ”
(TONINHO HORTA Brazilian composer from Minas Gerais)
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