Zo 15 Nov, 16:00 – Electric Tribute to Milton Banana


15 Juni
Aanvang 16:00
Doors: 15:30
At the door: €12,50

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Tiago Lageira – Guitar Stef Joosten – Bass Floris van Elderen – Drums, Percussion

Milton Banana is considered as one of the main founders of samba-jazz drumming. Inspired by Milton’s way of playing and arranging, Floris van Elderen will look for a contemporary sound using an electric trio instrumentation, while conserving the dynamics and raw energy of the original Milton Banana Trio. Simultaneously, in his arrangements Floris tries to incorporate traditional Brazilian rhythmic elements as templates for improvisation, derived from (Afro-)Brazilian traditions such as Samba, Forró, Maracatu, Jongo and Ijexá.
The Milton Banana trio was one of Floris van Elderen’s first major inspirations to dive into the extensive tradition of Brazilian music, getting to the root of it as much as possible. In the summer of 2020 Floris’ will fly to Brazil for a more in-depth research.
For this trio project Floris will bring Stef Joosten on bass and Tiago Lageira on Guitar.

Aside from being active as a sideman the young bassplayer Stef Joosten (1996) is currently active as the leader of his project TISIO in which he played with prominent national and international jazz artists, such as Ivo Neame, Morris Kliphuis and Kika Sprangers.

Tiago Lageira (1992) is a young upcoming Portuguese musician who played played in most of the Netherlands’ main festivals over the last couple of years, such as North Sea Jazz Festival and Grachtenfestival. Furthermore, this year he won the UK jazz Competition 2020. Different guest