Za 03 Okt 21:30 – Tribute to Aldir Blanc – Mario Bakuna Trio


03 Oktober
Aanvang 21:30 – Doors: 21:00

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Op voorraad


It is with great sadness that, in 2020, we lost the poet, musician and lyricist Aldir Blanc to the Covid 19. One more life brutally interrupted to become part of the tragic story of the plague of this century.
I met Aldir Blanc through his partnership with guitarist and composer João Bosco. I personally think that this partnership as well as the one with master Guinga produced some of the most significant moments of our popular music.
Aldir Blanc developed a unique style when writing his lyrics. With the sensibility of a good chronicler, the landscapes of his narrative incorporated the distress of military dictatorship in Brazil (O Bebado e o Equilibrista), musical metalanguage (Baião de Lacan), and the theme so pursued by all good poets: time. Not the time that we count in hours, but everything that is imprinted in a life surrounded by beauty, rupture, horror, love, wait, anxiety, and finally enchantment.

This night I will be performing alongside my Trio, composed by Matheus Nova on bass and Marcinho Pereira on drums.
It will be a special night, dedicated to the poetry and memory of Aldir Blanc.

Mario Bakuna is a London-based Brazilian composer, singer and guitar player, with over fiftteen years of professional experience. He is a graduate of the Free University of Music in Sao Paulo, Brazil. |
Whilst there he studied with musicians such as: Olmir Stocker, Roberto Sion and Roberto Bomilcar (pianist who played with Frank Sinatra during his visit to Brazil).
His study focusses on afro-brazilian music, Samba, Jazz and Bossa Nova.
He travelled to Europe to expand his research, and since moving to London, he has been performing alongside musicians such as Jean Toussaint, Liam Noble, Roberto Manzin, Ricardo dos Santos, Edmundo Carneiro, Cacau Queiroz, Alain Jean Marie, Itacy Bocato, Nelson Aires, Rubem Farias, Dudu Penz, Giuliano Pereira, Filó Machado, and Andrew McCormack

line up:
Mario Bakuna – acoustic guitar, vocal trumpet and vocal
Matheus Nova – Bass
Marcinho Pereira – Drums