Vr 20 Maart – 20:30 – Susana Raya invites Fuensanta Méndez


20 Maart
Aanvang 20:30
Deur open 20:00
Entree: € 15,00

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Susana Raya (Spain) invites rising star Fuensanta Méndez (México) to an intimate evening of original songs and favorite melodies.

Susana Raya: voice, guitar.
Fuensanta Méndez: voice, double bass.

Songwriter, classically trained guitar player, European awarded jazz singer and jazz guitar graduated, Susana combines her singer-songwriter spirit with a jazz touch, which is enhanced by her Spanish roots.
Susana grew up playing classical guitar at the Conservatory of her hometown, Córdoba (Spain). Apart from that, she was always writing songs as a way of expression since she was thirteen. Soon, she felt attracted to jazz and improvised music and started to attend to workshops and masterclass (Judy Niemack, Pat Metheny, Deborah Brown, Jamey Aebersold, Maria João, Deborah Carter…). Inspired by a duet album of guitar players Maarten van der Grinten and Jesse van Ruller,  she decided to establish in Amsterdam to finish her studies in jazz guitar at the Conservatory where they usually teach.

“My music is the result of being inspired by artists that have resonated in me profoundly. My biggest love has gone to Chet Baker, Pat Metheny, Elis Regina, Antonio Vega, Eva Cassidy, and many others…”

Fuensanta Méndez
Fuensanta Méndez is a vocalist and bassist born in Mexico and currently based in Amsterdam. She started singing pop and folklore at the age of 13 and very soon fell in love with jazz music, which she has been studying and performing since one year after. In Mexico she attended to JazzUV (University of Veracruz) until 2015, when she began the jazz performance bachelor at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. She has played at different venues and festivals in The Netherlands (North Sea Jazz, Amersfoort Jazz, Goois Jazz, Bimhuis Rough Diamonds, etc.) and won the 1stprize, Persprijs and North Sea Jazz Festival Prijs as a soloist during the Prinses Christina Jazz Concours in 2016. She is currently composing for her quartet and solo project, writing poetry, and performing in various ensembles (Brodie Jarvie Quintet, Teis Semey Group, etc).

Video Susana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DnA3Alk3cY