zo 15 apr 20:30 "Brazilian Instrumental Music" by Trio Fadel, Latif & Lima

 15,00  12,50

15 April
Aanvang 20.30
Deur open 20.00
Entree: Early-birds: € 12,50
After 20/03/2018: € 15,00

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Pianist Elizabeth Fadel, Saxophonist Rafael Lima and guitar player Nelson Latif will make a jorney through the Brazilian Instrumental Music, exploring the wide scope of Brazil’s cultural heritage. The concert runs from the hybrid style of Choro up to contemporary Brazilian jazz.

Elizabeth Fadel – Piano
Rafael Lima – alto sax
Nelson Latif – 7 string acc. guitar and cavaquinho

Nelson Latif
 Cavaquinho and acoustic guitar player Nelson Latif formed his musical identity in the legendary jazz scene of 1980’s São Paulo. With roots in choro and jazz, Latif merges Brazilian styles and a classical guitar technique with diverse musical influences. In his melodic phrasing one hears bebop and Brazilian syncopations.
Latif started his studies at age fourteen. During the 90’s he moved to Amsterdam and started performing on the cavaquinho, an instrument that has since become his trademark.
Nelson Latif returned to Brazil in 2001, where he formed Trio Baru. Since then, Latif has performed as a soloist as well as in collaboration with various artists. As cultural promoter, Nelson Latif has been coordinating educational projects for universities and cultural institutions around the world.


Elizabeth Fadel

Elizabeth began the piano studies when she was 7, at Rosa Mística Music School. During the studies she had music theory, perception, history and instrument classes. She joined the Parana’s Art College (FAP) when she was 18 to study Music Therapy.  A year later Elizabeth joined the Escola de Musica e Belas Artes (EMBAP) for a Bachelor on piano, where she was accepted at the class of the renowned russian pianist Olga Kiun.  She became a piano teacher at FAP and at the Brazilian Conservatory of Popular Music.  Elizabeth also started working as a pianist assistant for the Chorals of Federal University of Parana and for the Tuiuti University of Parana.  At the age of 20, she started playing the harpsichord and become part of a group of EMBAP. Elizabeth played in many bars, restaurants and she did many concerts in Brazil, with classical and popular music (Brazilian jazz and tango). In 2011 she recorded the CD “Divertimento”, with the mandolin player Daniel Migliavacca; the CD had great reviews, specially because of the diversity of the repertoire (Brazilian jazz, tango and classical music). She is also a piano teacher in the Brazilian Music School (Rotterdam).

https://youtu.be/NL1a-DE_Q5M  https://youtu.be/Vi5tqXdN-ZQ


Rafael Lima



Rafael is a Samba Jazz Saxophonist from Brazil, and has just finished Masters in Jazz Performance (Netherlands/NYC) at the University of Hanze. For two years was professor of saxophone and improvisation at UFPEL and has performed with many important artists including Hermeto Pacoal. Rafae is from Porto Alegre/RS, the southern most capital in Brazil. He started playing the harmonica in the Baptist church at the age of 10 years old and the saxophone at the age of 14 years old. At the age of 16 years old lived one year in USA, there he started to play alto sax in the Meridian Community Jazz Big Band, in the Far Away Places Jazz Combo and in MCC’s Improv Class Band. By the age of 24 years old got his Saxophone Bachelor degree from Institute of Arts of UFRGS. Today Rafael is living and working in The Netherlands.