Thur 09 Mar, 20:00 – Forró da Quinta, by Ivan Greg Trio


09 March 2023
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Musician born in Petrolina Pernambuco Brazil, Ivan Greg, despite defining himself as an accordion player, moves between regional and universal music.
He started his relationship with music at the age of 9, mastering the keyboard, and from the age of 15 he began to perform in bars and concert halls. It was in Holland that he dedicated himself to the accordion and the piano.

During his stay in Europe he worked on the dissemination and valorisation of Brazilian music and the culture of the Northeast of Brazil.
Today, he has a degree in music from the IFSertão-PE/ Petrolina campus and has tried to transfer his knowledge in workshops on the accordion.

Already performed with artists like Santana the Singer, Flávio Leandro, Jorge de Altinho, Targino Gondin, Irah Caldeira, Gean Ramos Pankararu. He opened shows of Alceu Valença, Djavan and Ana Carolina in Europe, and also accompanied the singer Carla Visi on tour in Europe, the USA and Brazil.
In Petrolina, he has been doing some projects in partnership with local musicians such as Camila Yasmine, Mariano Carvalho, Guilliard Pereira, Eugênio Cruz, Ryan Nunes and Joana Souza.

With a remarkable stage presence, draws the attention of the audience by the lightness of his interpretations. Awarded in music festivals in Brazil, such as Fenfit Festival Nacional de Forró, Festival Edésio Santos. Today, Ivan has explored his composer side, experimenting with other musical styles besides forró.


Line up:
Ivan Greg, Accordeon
Cleyton Barros, Zabumba
Igor Malungo, Triangulo